World of reactions and world of content

Up until now we have not known neither death nor life – both are being born now


When your dog looks at you, it gives you ignorant eyes and an ignorant heart.

It is then that you feel the touch of proximity and know about life.
An artificial dog, a robot or a computer programme do not stir anything in man.
If man in his search for proximity was to turn to it,
Only shudder would flash through him at the sight of dead eyes.

Man would not be able to survive without some kind of external information, for he does not have his own awareness yet. If he did not have some kind of feedback, he would simply fall asleep. Some kind of content can give him information, if he really loves something and offers himself for that – offers his time, his thoughts, his effort and work. He thus gets the feedback according to an internal relation and in it the content of everything that he loves is formed. If he is consistent and devoted and has enough love, then an object, music, wisdom… can form in him in minute detail. The other way of getting feedback is by drawing out reactions from others. Thus his fellow man, an animal or an object from which he provokes a reaction serve as a mirror for his own confirmation. That is hoe children function who by teasing each other and their parents encourage reactions for their own balance. When man is growing up he is supposed to create a relation with something according to the rule of love and start giving birth to the world within, the world of contents.

If man functions according to the rule of reactions, then his fellow man serves him as a mirror – which is never completely perfect due to man’s hereditary characteristics and other deviations. The primary therefore tries to catch the secondary through trifles. The secondary always see the whole and are not caught up on trifles. In the end, when the secondary lets the mirror go, the self-willed is left with a mathematically precise mirror which starts to dictate reactions to him – thoughts, words, actions.

The temperament defines the depth of consciousness.

In the morning the consciousness of some awakes through a long, of some in a short wave. A person with a long wave awakes slowly, but the width of his consciousness is bigger and can encompass more content. The consciousness of a person with temperament awakes through a short wave, it is narrow and such a person is hair-splitting by nature.

It was given to man to live in advance,
Before he was actually – born in the spirit.
In his essence man was still an animal –
Some admitted to this fact, took it upon themselves and tried
And hoped for the time of the person within;
Someone else masterfully acted in the clothes of a man,
But in fact lived an animal in the fullness of its instincts.

Man believes that he is and always will be free, but his choice enslaves him finally and infinitely.

The current of man and the current of animal ran in different directions. As long as there are two currents, the current of the animal is stopping the current of man and the current of man is stopping the current of the animal.

Man’s credit in advance was available as long as there was some unknown hanging above him; now that the unknown is gone, so is the credit.

He who lived the animal primarily was driving a vehicle in the opposite direction and took advantage of the basic path, not knowing that the time will come when there will no longer exist two paths. The world of man will extinguish in him and the world of animal open up.

The primary ones – once in the clothes of a man will kill each other, once there are only animals in the world of animals left. When man’s credit finally falls, the world of animals will finally die out in the secondary and the first bud of a living man will bloom in him.

Up until now we have not known neither death nor life – both are being born now.

The direct activity of the Holy Spirit has begun, but also the direct activity of the evil spirit.

The meeting of two who take the secondary position upon themselves is now directly awakening the life in life – unknowingly they give each other eyes, heart and body, and feel the touch of life; even if they do not speak a word, life automatically oscillates between them. On the other hand, two primary are becoming robotic people, the greeting between them will make them shiver, for they will feel the touch of death in death. They will know about the world of nobody and nothing that will open between them.

Only when man starts feeling the life in the life will he know about life and its intangible live joys. And woe to those who will fructify the death in death, for they will realize the horror of death which is so indescribable that everyone if they knew it in advance would put effort into every minute of their lives as long as they are given to live.

The ratio between the primary and the secondary will be asymmetric, without any feelings, the result will equal zero.

The line that will divide the high mountain ranges from the valleys has been set. The secondary are already in the high mountains ranges of the divine kingdom and the Lord looks after them, regardless of how high they are; only a step or a mile.