We all have the so called weaknesses
And yet, when we admit them to another
Without fear of getting rejected,
These weaknesses become the holiness of our lives.

He who has dressed his weaknesses like an actor in holiness,
At his starting point stopped the odd current into a prime number,
And the even number of eternal times caught in the captivity of the world of instincts will flow for him.

And the other, who kneels before the face of God – only shame
And he puts his clothes, like a peddler at the market in front of foreign faces,
He at his starting point stopped the current of even numbers of all his clothes
And the current of the Lord’s prime number will flow for him for ever and ever.
And all the weaknesses will come to life as holiness,
For we are merely a weakness of this world,
But in our confession the invisible life, already quietly among us.

However, the world is civilized and faultless – a theatre stage.
And the man a civilized member of that stage – the culture of this time
That does not exist and never has.

And the man will come to realize this at this time
And fall into the nakedness of his doing.