Two possibilities

In this world nobody can claim that he is a noble creature, for every creature has his own identity only through others


Each identity is like the hands of a clock. We all follow the time that they show, when in reality that time does not exist. How, for instance, do we know that it is exactly twenty minutes past six? Is that not completely unknown information in the universe? Obviously, that too rests on the defence of ourselves.

We each follow something and we also follow the clock. We do not care if someone we do not know has a different time, for we do not measure our time according to him. The problem arises when a person who is close to us has his own time in which we recognize ourselves, for the pointers of our identity are set according to him and we are therefore dependant on him.

Only two possibilities exist: if we enforce our time to the close one and he insists on his own, we will cause hatred and evil; but is we are ready to yield and die out in a borrowed form of identity, we will also enable the close one to find peace. The inner peace is only preserved by adapting and withering away. Only thus does a man move, otherwise he stands still.

Basically man is withering away since his birth. He is dying physically as long as he lives, but is dying in the spirit even once he is physically already dead. He is withering away from his identity, from all the forms if his identity. The only demand from man is that he is withering away from everything that he identifies with already during his life.