There is no need to solve problems you were not called upon to solve


Man subconsciously puts down roots in many starting points, while choosing them at the market of the past, believing that future will grow from them. He therefore waits for the result, without knowing that time is like a rubber; erasing everything, subjugating everything to passing, to the point when the reality of each starting point which is not completely in the moment itself, fades. And it is not possible to find anything in the future, all that remains is man as an aware presence. The rest comes and passes.

As long as we are our own and cannot leave our expectations behind, we depend on the circumstances and many a thing influences us. However, once we give in, surrender ourselves and become nothing, all the problems are solved, just as a leaf is not caught in a tree any longer once it falls off.

At the market of starting points each of us freely chooses that which would give meaning to his life. The farther from the zero point, which is complete devotion to life – and therefore not a choice – the chosen starting point is, the greater man’s conflict with life, the more he is caught and problematic.

Those who completely nullify themselves, as for example Jesus Christ, become the perfect starting point for Life, yet they do not have one until a fellow man gives it to them. Alone for himself, man is nothing. Anyone who might live with him, to some extent awakes him from his waiting loneliness.

In this era the time has complemented itself, which is why all proper starting points are falling one after another. Until now everyone had the chance to set things as they wanted and to speak as they wanted, while God remained silent.

Often people ask themselves how is it possible that there is so much evil in the world if God exists. God kept silent, so that in his silence everyone could freely choose their starting point, their action and stopping. But the time for him to speak will come, and once it does, all the self-proclaimed and all the smart ones will be overturned and lost, while peace will reign in those who have been silent until now, and nobody will be able to take away their joy.

Anyone who grabbed his nonsense at the market of nonsense and felt smart about it will realize how naïve he was, and above the abyss of eternity everything that he claimed as his own safety will vanish. Only he who is able to humiliate himself to the point of nothing will remain as his nature will be defeated. He will no longer be putting a price on himself by himself; life will do that for him.

And then it will become clear that the only true responsibility that man has is to life and not to authorities or laws. Everything that is relative will be wiped out and everyone exposed to confrontation; all the speculations will finally be revealed.