The mystery of the truth is hidden in chance


Man defines conceptual forms, names them and classifies them as the only truth. Yet all the mystery of the truth is hidden in chance. He who is equal to chance is equal to the truth. Chance guides him and chance speaks to him. Nobody can know in advance what, when, where, how and why.

Everything that we think we know in advance and define within the frame of truth or even the Holy Truth, limits us and takes away our freedom. It is as if we lived in a land of sand and with a stick draw around ourselves a frame of our individual truth, a frame that nobody would want to step out of. A slow person would draw a very small circle or a very holy truth.

Children usually only doodle and jump around in the sand without ever closing the circle and are thus the most humanly happy, making childhood the happiest part of our lives. Yet by giving in to the rounding up and completing the circle we shackle ourselves. The round up is always done by ourselves alone, others only condition it.

Each of us can at any time throw away the stick of servitude and walk freely along the path of chance.

He who only waits for the truth finds it in what the market has to offer – commonplace messages and commonplace content. Such a person believes that truth is a banality (disco clubs, popular music, make-up, image, etc.). Yet those who really seek the truth and knock can find a much healthier and purer truth a lot deeper and in the essence itself. It depends on the individual. When a man does not try, the truth is not looking for him either.

The truth does not manifest itself as correct or incorrect but rather as peace and disquiet. Man knows that things are right when he is at peace. The basic natural rule in man says: ‘When a man has a clear conscience, he is at peace. But when a man is hiding something, then he may play innocent as much as he wants, in his essence he will be restless.’

Although during past wars people believed that they were allowed to kill in the name of some truth, the disquiet in themselves finally made them chase after judgement. Many preferred chasing after a righteous judgement than suffer the hunting of the restlessness.

There is another law in us – the law of the spirit or the law of reality that cannot be cheated by anyone. Man can either be with it or not. This law applies the same to everyone. A true person therefore does not need to speak nor think, for peace is brought about by the truth itself.

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