The message of life

Do not try to be, for you already are!


There is only one field and lots of growth on it for everyone. The field therefore cannot be your own, for your own personal growth. You can be but a small seed that the wind has carried into the fertile soil. Only your growth from one field can speak of uniformity of everything. Be a seed, small and trivial!

Each flower that grows on its own, on its own field and in its own honour is fleetingness for the dunghill. And the dunghill is for little flowers like thrift.

Once there will be nothing more that you wish for or want, once you mature and like a small seed fall from the flower in the autumn and surrender yourself to the winter and the winds, then the growth inside you will sprout on its own. So that you will not be merely a flower, that is rich and beautiful, looking into the sky and that then in the autumn falls on the ground and rots.

Because it is wise to be silent let only that, which awakens in you, speak. To groan when the winter winds blow, and to cry when the spring awakes. It is wise to be silent and walk away so that the spring inside is roused.

There is only one and diversity in one. And if one leaves, the diversity awakes in one place. Therefore go, so that everything inside you speaks, and not only the bird of your hands, for it sings only its own song.

What does it mean to leave? Go and you shall see. Why do you gaze and insist, and try to get stuck in one – in one thought? Go away from all of it and you shall see.

Do not try to be, for you already are! Therefore do not be like those who are and yet all their effort and the only goal is to be. Why be full with your own matter in a glass that is full? You should drink from it. Do not look for and stare at the dreamy hills of your image. Isn’t saving your life worth more?

Do not try to be faultless, for you do not even know what a fault is. One day you realize that Life is precisely that man that is full of faults.

Lucky you for every defeat, and woe to you for every win. Defeat leads you through a small door all the way to nothing and from there on into life. He who stays on this side is only a flower that the winter takes. He who leaves, finds himself on the other side, and like an only seed gives birth to the infiniteness in everything. When he kneels on his knees and even lower, then Life grows him a treasure.

Until you and your answer travel across the sky in your own dance, the only content of your life remains a wasteland. When you leave your own thoughts and wants, all shadows of doubt leave you, and the sun of your own doing will not burn you anymore. When dusk falls and darkness envelops you, there is a star on the infinite sky that shines on your path. Here and there, in the North and in the South, you will be happy to see each of them.

This star is where you are and until you are, the star is not. Until you draw it in your own sun, it will not be there. Why do you stare and with your will and volition want everything? What do you want? In dreams of illusion you draw everything, although you do not know where it is and if it is at all. Until you search and want with your own power, you will see only the burning sun of your own volition. Until you grow tired, while the thirst only gets bigger.

You confide only in the glorious light of this sun. You are surprised and disappointed when you realize that it is just an illusion of your own intention. The star that shines on you in your time of desperation calms you down. Do not turn it into a sun!

When you truly go away from yourself, there will be a place for everyone in you and everyone will be life. For everything is leaving, and thus nobody can come back. Once you leave yourself, you will meet yourself on every step.

I am not, therefore you are and if you want to be, you are only a hallucination in the dessert. If you are not, like I am not, you are real and like I you are all in everything.

Therefore trust and put down all the weapons, although you are convinced that they are real and good. Let yourself go, go into the oblivion. Only a forgotten book is a dear memory, only a forgotten pearl is precious, only a forgotten seed bears fruit.

Do not always try to be the good seed. Only the seed that is worthless, that time rejects, will not be devoured and will bear fruit in eternity.

The devil is the ruler of time. Do not search for a kingdom in the time. Let the time spit you out, so that you will be a bitter taste in the fiend’s mouth, and the sweetest one on my field.

Your Life

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