The last unknown

The time of death is eternal and forever conditions life in all forms


Only he who is ready to throw away his time and take death upon himself is touched by life in this land of death.

Nowadays people do not have time for anything as they are not ready to take even a slightest piece of death upon themselves. In the relationship they therefore do not belong to anything, yet they claim everything. In every relationship there is a threshold on which the loyal ones leave their time and the self-willed break over it to where they steal each other’s time. Only he who is ready to lose his time in the name of something has got love, everything else is just theft.

Everything hunts life, but there is no place for the offering, for death. Consequently there is no life, there are only forms of hidden death that are one after another peeling off like a fresco on the walls of time, and sooner or later each of us will stand in front of the face of his own death.

Jesus went to the cross of eternal time, he did not claim the Lord’s time but gave himself into the lap of Lord’s time as the one who is not.

Wherever there are people there is always somebody missing and that somebody is you. Every man is to himself the one who is missing, yet everyone who is missing exists somewhere deep in time. Everyone is a house that is crumbling; he who agrees to being a rock of death is becoming the cornerstone of life, and he who defends his own house remains buried alive in the ruins of his own time.

We are all homeless in ourselves but give homes to each other.

We are all only death in ourselves. Time gives you the possibility to face your own death through all the situations and actions. Every loss is a pre-form of death. Once the time stops, everyone will have to face his own death. The power of acceptance is gained by man’s relations; he who through actions accepts small deaths will also be able to accept the great one.

Man has difficulties facing the form of death in front of him, yet if he perseveres his awareness grows, whereas if he yields, it gets smaller. All actions, all balances are forms of hidden death. As many as life manifestations, that many hidden deaths. With realization man uncovers layer by layer of manifestations that are peeling of one by one and are uncovering the known in the unknown, up to the last one called death.

All forms are pre-forms of death and man the only one among them capable of facing his own death.

An atom does not have the ability to exist, everything in nature is in a hierarchy of upgrade. Only man is capable of taking his non-existence, which is the elementary basis of life, upon himself. Man is smaller than an atom, he is the fluid of the smallest that turns time into space and is the manifestation of the biggest in space which is falling apart into time, into a complete darkness of consciousness.

As much as there is of unawareness, that much there is of entrapment.

Everyone reacts instinctively, yet all reactions depend on man’s awareness. Awareness is connected with the relationship that a man lives – whether he is turned toward himself or others. He who is turned toward himself takes away the eyes of awareness and the instinct is stronger than him. Everything that falls under one half of awareness has power over you. Even a tree has awareness, but the unawareness power of awareness over unawareness that he was given by the Lord. If man came to a halt before his death, he would be entirely in command of his nature and the birds would find their home in his awareness.

The last unknown is your only known. Death is not covered with anything, there just is not anybody there who could stand to look at it.

With the knowledge once the unknown is solved, man’s view or consciousness begins to open up to full awareness. There is no fear of anything in it and if you accept your own passing, you will finally also be able to accept your death.