The Holy Grail


Before Jesus the art, science, reigning… became a mystery:
360° or one whole in ratio, 270° or three quarters within.

After Jesus the sum of this world divided:
270° or three quarter in ratio and 255° within;
And the artist, scientist, leaders… started becoming people who put clothes on the mystery.

At the moment the sum of this world is dividing for the second time and turning into:
225° in ratio and 180° or one half within;
And he who completely disavows the man within,
Joins his own 180° half into a 360° whole.

Consequently the greatest banalities in the history of human kind
are popular among people at the moment.
And the illusion became god.

Therefore, the dividing factor has grown
From the basic ball 1/8
Into the circle ¼ according to Jesus
To the wave ½ according to cognition.

And con artists have broken through to the holy grail,
But they do not know that in their whole, there will always 1/8 be missing –
They alone or their essence – the only one that they should accept,
But have disavowed in their reflections and lost in reality.

For only a recognized and accepted 1/8
Will, with another 1/8 join ¼,
From one quarter one half
And from one half an eternal whole.