You are not in difference with anything, but rather are you yourself the only difference in everything – the difference with yourself


Nothing is in its place.
All the creation is shifted for the place of one form above itself,
And man in the shift of everything and therefore in the biggest difference with himself.

Man is born as a difference without coverage, in the original sin of stolen forms tied with himself, while there is a place of everything in him and birth in everything, where he leaves the place of the stolen. Within himself man carries the capacities of all forms, but wherever he steals the capacities before him, he is losing the place of man within.

All the forms are stolen from lower forms to which they give coverage; only man is without coverage as there is no form above him.

Only simplicity big enough conditions reality,
As it does not steal anything from anyone.

From the light, the first occurrence that is still without form – to the man, the last occurrence which is above all the forms, all the forms were running away from one another. They were running from the mystery of one another, stolen from the inside of the stolen fictitious coverage.

The same as light, you are running away as well, as your consciousness does not allow you to step onto the other side, for you know that there is darkness there. However, within you sleeps the conscience of a Man without difference – the Man who gave back everything. His conscience in the ratio with everything is pushing you over the edge – into death and yet to the beginning – to the place where light escaped as it did not have coverage. But you have coverage, according to Him, who returned the light to everything once He stepped into death without coverage and thus offered the place for everything within himself.

Step there, into His trail, for you have it before you in everything, if only you are not living your illusion from the place of reality that you were given. All the forms before you are differences of life and through them you give Life back life or give birth to death in death, because you are a form above all, and therefore the place of life or death of everything.

All the forms are real as long as you give them a place within you,
And an illusion as long as you occupy a place in them.

Man is a form of all sub forms of life that he carries within; however, the sub forms do not carry him inside them, as his form has stolen everything for its form of a man. Man used to play with the sub forms within, but now the sub forms in him more and more play with man who has not walked away from his form but preserved it through all the sub forms that he had at his disposal. For illusion was a master that convinced man into the reality of his own form which he had before; before it existed.

There was darkness and the Lord created light, dividing them into two parts of the sky – he shifted sides and created you and me in the difference of everything, so that one after another we would turn the sides and find the light in the darkness of our worlds, for deep inside the darkness there is the light of everything.

Within you carry the coverage of the river, wind, flower, only the coverage of the light not,
For light is the same as you – half of darkness.
Only from darkness are mornings awaken into day, if the light does not run from the darkness into the night,
Therefore only two who take the darkness upon themselves return the flower to the flower, the river to the river, the wind to the wind
And give birth to light – life.
You can stay on your side of the light and leave the flowers in the darkness
…but they were your flowers, your rivers and your wind of everything.