Shadowy world

The children are afraid of shadows; there is therefore no real reason for it


Man’s psychological world could be illustrated with a shadowy theatre in which shadows arbitrarily appear on the canvas and yet none of them is real.

Man is the only being who primarily lives the psychological or shadowy world, which in turn defines his state irrespective of the state of the environment. Man can have everything that he needs for physical survival and yet be depressed or mentally unstable if he gets caught in shadowy worlds. His shadowy worlds have always conditioned crises and wars or prosperity and peace. The shadows above man and his coping are therefore the main parameter which defines his mental and physical state.

Only a consistent soul who is the only witness to the reality of itself is free from shadows. Shadows have no authority over it, for it is the only authority to itself. Such a soul sees for itself and grasps the reality, as well as feels the reality of other souls. Only such a soul can perform a real act. Man who is under the authority of shadows is always apologizing and in unable to comprehend the real state.

In the end everyone will realize that all of it had been only shadows which they mistook for reality and have fallen under their authority due to their own inconsistency and non-relationship.

The children are afraid of shadows; there is therefore no real reason for it. Once man transfers the outer information into the interior, he is in a relationship with it as he is with himself and there is no outer situation that he would not be able to handle. Man thus conquers the world of shadows.

Jesus beat the authority of the shadows over his soul while he was in the desert, and by accepting the cross he beat the authority of the shadows over his body, which made him rise from the dead. The physical world is also a world of shadows and is the last world that man has to beat in order to enter eternity.

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