The time of realisation has arrived. This is the time of miraculous changes, for the mirror that shielded from objectivity that man has conditioned so far is gone.

Objectivity is first realised on the level of electromagnetic fluctuation – gadgets that operate on the basis of electromagnetism will become unstable, penetrative and be a medium for messages from the other side.

Objectivity is then realised on the basis of the atomic world, molecules – genetic mutations will occur, which will on one hand cause miraculous healing and on the other turn man into a monster.

In the end realisation will encompass man as a whole and he will receive a new – temporal body. At the moment you are a spatial or gravitational being that operates according to the rule of the ratio plus-minus; while the new body will be the body of magnetism with rules that binds plus and plus in the result of minus – and minus and minus in the result of plus.