Ratio of man’s endowment


Life is a ratio of time and space,
Time is an absolute above all,
The same for everyone, not born yet,
But within time, the time of life of every being unique
Of precisely specified ratio of time and space.

Every occurring form is life with a certain speed of time in space. The light is the biggest on the inside – the smallest on the outside and that gives it the most powerful charge of speed of time. Man is the smallest on the inside, which is why he needs the most time for the solution on the outside. You are man, before you are, for being man means being the one that does not exist. And this man’s endowment demands from you the perfect stopping of time or acceptance of death.

The solution always depends on the ratio between time and space of some time. The smaller that something is, less time it naturally needs – the bigger something is, the more time it needs for its solution.

In order to control something, you have to be bigger than it; but to be able to be in ratio to something bigger, you have to be on the inside outside the ratio or smaller than everything.

Time is the ratio between the outside and the inside. As soon as something is squeezed into a time that is too small, it explodes – as soon as something is put into a time that is to big – it washes away.

In a precisely defined inclination of time, all the nature was born in the space of the taken time. In all the nature an absolute time according to space is flowing, one that is taken by the inclination of time after which everything exists. Yet nothing is born yet in time as an absolute of space, for time is crumbled in essences of manifold existence, that each for itself, far apart from each other, only pass away. And only man is a being that can take inexistence upon himself and return bits of time into one life.

You are man before you exist, and this endowment will have to be settled by each individual, for it is given to everyone separately as their conscience, which can understand and accept everything.

Acceptance of inexistence
Of what you really are
Is each man’s endowment,
And the conscience your guiding bird into the sky of the Eternal.

Everything before you is for you and awareness your gift from the Lord, with which you can analyse everything in front of you; but only that to which we subjugate on the outside, analyses us on the inside. Your conscience travels where you want – you can use it as an illusion of you the man or for recognition and analysis of things before you. Man is the only being who can analyse himself. By analysing everything on the outside, you analyse yourself and unbind from the unknown on the inside.

The speed of the inner time depends on the fear of foreign eyes – fear of the unknown. However, fear does not depend on the unknown on the outside but on the inside. We fear something that is outside, but fear is inside us. Every conflict is a reflection of fear or the unknown. The powers are always measured there where the conflict is. Where there is conscience, there is no conflict – no measuring of power.

The outside power always depends on the fear of the other side. The more fear or unknown there is inside of it, the bigger the beast – and on its outer power, meaning from fear of the other side, it depends whether it attacks or runs away. Every animal attacks or runs out of fear – only man is an animal that runs and attacks from selfishness – out of principle.

During the time of the unknown, man put clothes on out of fear; now everything is put together out of bits of time, yet many cover their eyes… and there is no Sun – only their selfishness is stinging their eyes.

Man is an analytical being that has come to the bottom of every unknown – except the one hidden in him. And that one does not depend on intellect or power of the ratio on the outside, but on the acceptance of powerlessness on the inside. Infinity is not solvable with analysis, but by agreeing to stopped time – to one’s own death.

There is no more fear, only selfishness. There is no more uncertainty, only selfishness. There are no more tears, only selfishness.

So many worries, but there is no one anywhere, so many people, but all with their own worries; but if one agreed to inexistence – to one’s actual state, then everyone would be with one another and not with their own worries for which there is no reason on the outside.

Our time is the one that burdens us and unbinds us from everything proper so that someday life could be there where we take up the place of time. There has been enough time and you had it more than anything, for intellect is your time that solves what is on the inside so that there could be anything on the outside.

In all eyes yours are asleep
And yours in all others.
Only a gentle heart allows them
And the Lord is putting his palms into them,
And from bits of life composes palms for palms,
While from all others the time is flowing away, washing away everything
That has betrayed man’s endowment.