Promise of life

The unknown touches everything except one – you, who are entering it


The trust touches two – you, who are entering into another, as much as you are leaving yourself, and the other, who is entering you insofar as he is leaving himself.

Understanding concerns only one – you yourself, but is entering you only insofar as you are leaving from yourself and cannot get to you as much as you are stepping into your steps.

As long as the unknown is unrecognizable, life always balances every film of yours with a former film of your conscience, for you are man, the only promise of life according to the Lord and the Lord loves you above all.

Jesus asked St. Peter: ‘Do you love me?’ And life turns your film backwards to the zero point three times, so that you could answer him.

  • He who walks away from the unknown is forgiven in the name of the original sin that was put into him and with it the time that is at his disposal in the name of the unknown. For the first time the Lord does not judge anything, for the Lord does not judge without proof.
  • He who walks away from trust is forgiven in the name of the personal, due to which he was not able to walk away, ‘For he is disposed to walk away elsewhere’, says the Lord who does not judge subjectively.
  • He who walks away from the intellect or the known in everything, cannot be forgiven, for he knew after everything that he was given, and yet he walked away and thus betrayed life in man.

The Lord does not judge anybody, but always returns you to the horizon of life; everyone judges for themselves, if they prefer to walk away from everything instead of walking away from themselves.

There has always been only one unknown – you yourself,
Which you cannot solve with yourself,
You can only walk away from your promises,
So that promises of life could run through you.