I loved you above all, but you became full-grown for everything,
And before you grew up, you had outgrown me.

I would like to reveal so many things to you,
But you have outgrown me, how can it be spoken through me?

I still have hope, because I love you above all,
That there is much above me that you have not outgrown yet.

And after him the faith in you,
That at least after that – if not after me, who am your mother –
Will you mature and one day be full-grown.

And realize that there exists love
Bigger than me, who loves you with all my heart,
Love that teaches you with a slap if necessary,
Love of the spirit that sobers you up from the immaturity towards life,
So that you could nevertheless grow up one day without outgrowing the life in you.

For you can become equal to everything and outgrow it as well, only not death.

But if you would only grow up to such extent that the life in you would mature and accept death before it comes,
This request is the only one that has remained for you as well as for me
And my only love.