A loyal man is in the spirit of a big mirror which is not there, and therefore he stands like a stopped clock and waits for the whole. With his soul he stares at a small mirror which is due to the big mirror crumbled into his each look and is running like seconds (the third world), minutes (the second world) and hours (the first world). With looks he combines the pieces of the small mirror into the big one, until the big one is born and starts flowing in the spirit of the small man in the Lord.

A presumptuous man is in the spirit of the small mirror which stands, and with the soul stares at the big mirror in everything. With looks he crumbles the big mirror into dust according to the rule of hours, minutes and seconds. However, once the small mirror starts flowing in the spirit of the big one, the dust of the big one will cover it for all eternity.

Everyone was asleep. But someone was sleeping directly in the big and indirectly bargained with the small in his dream – some other slept directly in the small and with all the effort searched for the big in his dreams.

But the clock is already ringing because the time is opening up its palms toward seven, when it is time to get up.
Everyone is rubbing their eyes, but woe to those who will be seen as small and powerless,
Lost on the dark,
And happy those who will one in the other stare at me Me, says the Lord,
For there will be no one within them!

And my aurora reveals to you that you have not existed yet,
Although you have cried, laughed and shared righteousness.