Mea Culpa


The one and only by whom everything has its name,
yet himself a homeless on the crossroads of this world.

The one and only without a name spoke in the same way in all times and on all paths,
but everyone is his own time, drawing his pathway to the heaven of timelessness.

And time is the master that erases all own paths,
and carves into time with the name of the real only those that followed the one and only within.

So don’t dream of your own name, but give a name to everything in front of you.
So don’t defend your home, but be a home to the homeless standing at your door.
For you alone are a homeless in him, who is waiting at the doors of your home,
and a stranger on the borders of what is yours.

By your time everything will live in you,
by your name everything will be leaving you.

In life man can never know who is coming and who is leaving,
he can only accept everything as it is,
and he will live in peace of the only one that gave him his name.

But where no one answers the door,
only silence of the one waiting eternally for an answer from the other side remains, but the other side is no longer there.

For there always was only one side,
the other side of your side, in which your side was being searched from the other side.

The spirit of the only one is all and nothing,
in the palms of the one who is all, yet nothing,
in the palms of the one who is nobody, yet everything.

Your body is the touchable of the untouchable,
your soul is the untouchable of the touchable.
With it, everything is untouchable that is touchable in you,
and everything is touchable that is untouchable in you.

Yet everything would stay untouchable and hidden in an eternal mystery,
if Him was not born, who let everything be touchable.
And a hand of the touchable touched the heart of the untouchable and took his life.

Yet wrote into heavens the name of the Real.