Man’s fluid – the reflection of reality

Awareness is the first relation that life has given you. Respect it and do not be your own rule of life


The second relation that you have been given after awareness is your fellow man. Respect him and do not live your world in him.

You third relation, into which you were born like manna from the sky after Him, who is not from this world, is the fluid. Respect It, for the fluid of a man is the fluid of reality that gives birth to reality itself. Or it spills, everything that is given, across the fields of the lost fluid.

Fluid is the secret of life. You do not know what is real and you do not have to know. Once you have given a pair to the reality you will know about it. Reality is awoken only from the feedback and the fluid of life is hidden in it. He who gives a pair to the inner man gives a pair to the Lord and in it speaks the reality.

Man who respects the rule of life conditions the awareness of life in himself and does not govern over life with the consciousness of a man. Awareness of life awakens compassion in a man and the human consciousness lives its starting point in fellow man. Only the compassion opens up the palms of offering in a man and forgets its own palms.

Your palms will always demand their own; until you forget about them, however, only awareness unbinds the palms of unawareness, so that in unawareness they could catch up and pass the palms of their own, open up the palms of life and in them give birth to reality.

Man is the only being who is not caught in a pair with anyone or anything, which is why no more being have been born after him. He is unbound from all the pairs and yet within himself caught in a black and white picture. Man is the last crossroads, yet everything in him is crossed into the fluid which is his endowment with which he can and has to uncross everything, down to the last atom.

The place of the fluid is the place of reflection; it is an empty place and the place of free choice of a relation. He who is looking for himself in the fluid will not find anything except his own reflection. He who really looks deep into himself will in his search condition the place of the real relation.

One can live a pair with himself through another and thus shrinks the man’s time; or he can, through another, live himself behind and condition the person’s time. As long as you live an exterior relationship you are always a pair with yourself; only once you give a pair to the inner man you stop chasing the balance on the outside and you thus open up a man’s time or the place of the real relation.

Nothing is in pair, only the inner is caught in a pair with the outer, in a fluid of reflective black and white world. The Lord has uncrossed everything, only the palms of your relation have remained free, yet caught in the cross of the inner outer relation. A self-willed man can cross everything that the Lord has uncrossed with them, but in the black and white world he will always cross the loyal one, for they are caught in the same pair – in the fluid of man.

As long as man after man does not cross everything in himself from white into black, and only once the other one does the same, does in the conditioned place of reality open up a relation that turns off the light of the black and white world and the night is born for all those who have left their palms behind so as not to cross a man with the given fluid but condition the man’s time.

The more you claim for yourself, the more place in the relation you take up and the less fluid you condition.

And he left behind all the possessions and death was running over His face when he entered into the place of no one, where there was no one, and where he came to a standstill. The peace of acceptance of everything is His only dignity, and only through it he teaches you to see and know that you have to leave yourself on order to get somewhere.

For man’s fluid is flowing away and only the acceptance of everything without ownership conditions man’s relation and in him opens up the reality itself.