A man who owns himself can control everything except himself. A devoted man has the control over himself


Man is a prisoner of limitation, he was born that way. He should take this cross upon himself and stare into infinity.

When limitation measures out, it automatically shuts down.

To your essence or the Lord in you everything seems endlessly easy, whereas to you immensely difficult.

He who admits his limitation enables another the insight into infinity (Live from the Tree of Life), whereas he who displays it, only conditions limitation for the other side (Do not touch the Tree of Knowledge).

You are a mystery of the infinity, caught in your own limitation. We condition infinity for one another within the acceptance of our own limitation. He who defines himself as infinity, shrinks it to his own limitation.

As they do not take into account the essence, people study everything as if it were infinity despite that everything is limited.

The whole universe is limitation, dying out because of its limitation. Search for infinity out of the limitation and do not experience your own limitation as impairment, but rather as the eye of the infinity.

The whole universe is a declared form of different degrees of limitation. Yet an important person tries to find the formula to infinity, to confirm his infinity which is getting old at the hands of his limitation.

Man lacks simplicity – he lacks the allowance of his own limitation.

The biggest of all limitations is death and Jesus took this deepest limitation upon himself to condition infinity for all of us. There is nothing infinite, yet people play with the notions of infiniteness on the shoulders of Him, who carries the cross of the deepest limitation.

You stare at the limited form of infinity, but the infinity in the nearer land expands only to the extent of the acceptance of your own limited condition. There are some that would rather hang in the world of their own infinity than accept their limitation. Like a spit into the face of infinite love.

Infinity hides in shapelessness.

Limitation always causes limitation, for limitation limits to preserve its form of limitation and therefore does not allow for any other. Each form is a limitation that triggers the magnetism in which everything only passes away.

Life is a chance and the chance the author of everything. As long as man fights or clings on to authorship, he is the prisoner of his own limitation regarding the notion of infinity.

Once you accept yourself as chance, you will be able to look at yourself. Your soul will then separate from the role that you yourself have given you.

She who turned around was transfixed with horror, for Lord’s mercy had separated her from degenerated forms by taking her form away. But once she turned around, she caught sight of her shapeless face in the fire of degeneration. She was transfixed with horror for she could not accept the sight of herself without a form.

Man is the only one who can step out of his form and he can do that infinitely. The power of stepping out of his form is in honesty – the cage of a repeating pattern. Infinity is the only one in a man, you alone are the mystery of the infinity and for those, who leave their form, infinity never extinguishes.

Once one of the sides shuts down, man will no longer have the ability to step out of his form. It is then that he will become self-aware and the Lord will be the rule of his self-awareness.

He who has stepped out of his form will be free from the one who, in the mirror, defined and limited him according to his own form. He who has merged with the mirror of his own form will be faced with the fact of shapelessness, for there will be nothing left on the other side.

The basic starting point phenomena is always new, whereas you are always the same in form and are always growing older in the same.

Man can give up the pattern and is always new, or he can be the prisoner of the pattern or death. Whenever man takes up any kind of form, he falls into the pattern of repetitiveness. The position of the pattern automatically governs you because each pattern kills everything that is new.

The new on credit has lost the basis and each pattern is falling into the unbearable state of repetitiveness. In this era everything that is repetitive is losing contact and cannot give birth to a new form because it does no longer have the original contact.

Be at disposal and life will pattern by itself.

Learn to see the states for what they are. The reversed view and the view on you are invisible and will remain invisible to you. Once you agree to shapelessness, no glance will concern you anymore. As much form as you have, that much embarrassment is in you.

We are not born to display authority over anyone with our estranged notions. We are born smaller than anything that is in front of us. We should therefore preserve the element of birth and be as small as necessary for someone to understand us, which requires our exposal or a live instance and not comprehension of any topic.

As long as man relies on anything, he will be separated from it – body from body, expertize from expertize… for each lives bare life and has to consent to it.

He who is not in control of his bare life is not capable of restoring any live bonds. The hardest thing of all is to consent to bare life – your own death. Yet everyone loves you the most when you are exactly like that, even animals.

Only at the table of bare life are there friendships and above it each places his own projection. There is, however, nothing real between them because no one is prepared to take upon him the embarrassment of bare chance in front of another.

In foundation everything is limitless, only man sets boundaries for himself and then stays behind them in his own conception. Only the consent to bare life can erase the boundaries and open up man’s insight into infinity.

Boundaries are set by man as long as he is protecting some kind of his existence, yet he only protects the boundaries of his own limited condition.

Man in his imagination drew boundaries in front of himself, while life sets the boundary behind him. The difference is in setting your own boundaries or letting someone else do it. Every boundary that is set in front is outlined behind and every boundary that is accepted behind is outlined in front. That is a rule of life that cannot be avoided.

In puberty you catch a virus of form. Someone takes up a form in a form that he can defend after you if you defend yours. On the other hand, however, there are people who leave the form and step into a world of a completely different journey.

You are caught in your form and who deviates from it deviates from the natural form, whereas those who live their form in the natural one, live the world in a world. The form of the world in a world is always the form of the devil.

A swallow does not have its own from in a form. It is the prisoner of its natural form, only man can live form in a form. The Lord is in charge of the natural form while the form within the form is stolen by man from a man.

Only man can be stronger than his natural form. A man who is anchored into his form stays anchored at the place of it.

Leave everything behind and come with me, and you will find sisters, brothers, a mother, a father in spirit and they will all keep you warm.

When you fall, the real mother will give you the strength to stand up, but you yourself are hard on the mother of spirit until you hang on to anything.

All bonds of this world are bonds of defence of proper form through which the stronger pilfer from the weaker. The stronger is not a bond for the weaker; it is the other way around.

As long as man is caught in his own form, he is accurate on his behalf and the result of his hand can only be his limitation. Only that which steps out of its form is unique, is life.

The notion of the Lord is X (non-information). Somebody prostitutes Him into Y (information) of his own limitation, while somebody, by consenting to his own limitation, opens Y with the name of the Lord.

Jesus took X (non-information) or the cross of his own erasure and called each Y (information) into question.

Everything that consents to X or the shapelessness finds itself in its place after the Lord, even the brick that the bricklayers discarded will, after your soul, carry the Lord’s presence.

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