Like birds in foreign nests


We unbind each other from the entrapment in foreign nests,
For we are the beginning to one another, and the end to ourselves.

Nothing in this world has its own place, for nothing in this world has ever given a space to anything. Everything lives in the lap of the foreign, which has abandoned its place according to the law of nature. For the nature is taking away the old and giving space to the new, so that that, which could give space would be found, thus giving birth to it and unbinding the cross of time before it exists.

We cannot catch life with our palms,
But can only accept death,
And life itself will take us into its palms.

We life unconscious lives in the palms of conscious death. We are trapped in it until we accept it. Death is accepted consciously, life born unconsciously. In him who has accepted death, death becomes unconscious and life conscious.

You live in the past and thus do not know the future,
From places of the past we live a mirrored reality
As we do not have the strength to cover the present.

The reality in you is unaware of you and you of it – as long as you experience this foreign life as yours. Only during the moments of loyalty can life touch you and only after these moments do you leave foreign nests.

As long as you chase the balance of the present in the future via means of the past, your place remains intact. As long as you dream the future from the point of the past, the reality in you is sleeping and so is the life in it. As much death as we accept, that much we are leaving behind the place of the foreign and that much life is awakening in us.

Nothing yet is in balance with its acceptance of death,
Everything is still at the expense of the foreign, that what was and that what had to leave.

The winter thus blooms into spring and the spring matures into summer,
Yet each autumn has to die into the winter and the winter has to give way to new spring.

Yet all of those were foreign springs with foreign birds nesting in them,
But one day there will be no more spring for the first time, and then you will know
That the end is near and the beginning unbound from the end.

…the loyal birds will then fly from the foreign nests,
For they will be born in Him, who left his place
And from the past conditioned the present that is conscious of you,
For you are conscious of it, and it is the place the birds return to
And always give birth to new springs.