Life is a wind that blows – it is the wind of death – it is the wind of birth


If you asked God: ‘Are you righteous?’
He would answer: ‘No, I am unjust. Look at all the countries at war and you will see suffering and death.’

 If you asked him: ‘Are you unjust?’
He would answer: ‘No! Look at all the countries in abundance and you will see that I am righteous.’

 If you asked him: ‘Are you death?’                   He would answer: ‘No, I am birth, you see children being born every day.’

If you asked him: ‘Are you birth?’
He would answer: ‘I am death. Don’t you see how many are buried every day?’

We live in the world of material notions. No one can thus define what there actually is. No one can pin point what is, say, energy. It is an arbitrarily chosen word with which we notionally define a state so that we can discuss it. But what that is no one will ever know, neither is it necessary for it to be known. It is enough if we no longer experience a happening as a mystery. Once we understand it, the subconscious takes it over and it cannot surprise us any longer. The world of notions thus helps us not to be caught up in lawfulness.

That means that nobody has ever known, nobody knows and nobody will ever know what God is. We are not born to regard or define him. Through notions life helps us to wake up from this world of dreams and trust in the fact that there is living God inside of us.

If people trusted in the present life that is in each of us then no notion would stick enough to cause conflicts. As that is not the case, the wild dance of the devil that uses notions as a sword is beginning over and over again.

We can agree to everything and we can deny everything. That is a matter of our free will. We can even deny ourselves, yet that does not change the reality. The reality is the result of relationship and does not fall under the domain of free will.

We therefore do not ask ourselves if it is worth loving or not. We do not have a say in that. When we love someone, we simply love them. If we defy our own feelings, we are digging our own grave. When we follow them loyally and devotedly, whether in sadness or joy, we are on the right path. Our well-being depends on how loyal we are to the feelings that rise in us.

When somebody loves us and we do not love them in the same circle at our juncture, not with the same weight, a dark circle of subconscious temptation emerges that enthrones us onto the pedestal of complacency. We all wish to be loved. We love by not falling into the disproportion and temptation. We love even if someone in us is dead, to be the sun that may awake a new bud from a dead log of wood. For life is only a wind that blows. It is the wind of death and it is the wind of birth. Let us be the wind of birth to another and let us know that we have to accept the wind of death ourselves.

Each man in himself is nobody and around him there is an infinite number of dying forms. All are dying for him, so that he could die himself and completely accept his own nothing. Let us not be indifferent to this dying therefore. Do not walk over others. Do not reject your own nothing so that you do not fall immature into it without being able to accept it.

The feeling that we are loyal to enriches us and takes us into life. It gives us strength, the same as a mother gives to a child so that he will leave one day.

A denied emotion causes anarchy in us. We fight against it our whole life because we did not allow it to sing its song and leave.

The day when a feeling leaves us is the day of our goodbye and the day of our birth.

We should not be afraid of our own oblivion. Our own oblivion does not judge, does not define anything. We can never know in advance what somebody will use us for. How can we thus judge in what manner we could be useful? If we are a brick, then somebody who needs us should build us in. Whatever we are, everything is correct in the eyes of life, even if we are the paper of the last message.

Why are we afraid then? We know that we will go some day. We should accept our oblivion today so that we can freely walk into our tomorrow.

The journeys into oblivion are infinitely free. We can travel in as many ways as we allow ourselves. We can raise our journeys above the world, above time, above man, above everything.

Life searches and asks only for those who are free. Only those resemble its current. They do not have a beginning nor ending, no form and no direction. Life can thus use them for a content of its own. Only that is the sign of actual reality.

We should not extort any special form apart from the one we are given. No swallow does that and yet it finds its flock. As long as we pretend that we are something else than we are, we torture the divine presence in us.

Why should we stoop to the level that is lower that the given one? We allow only the Lord to watch through our eyes. We do not have to be a scoundrel nor a saint. Remaining human is enough.

Why should God not have a conscious, eyes and heart through us who are in God’s presence anyway? He will guide as at any given moment if we only let him. The secret of the Holy spirit is the secret of the view through the view. The secret of the Holy spirit in a thought is the secret of the thought through the thought. The secret of the Holy spirit in a word that is the secret of the word through the word and not our duplication of the God’s word. Jesus said: ‘My father in me and I in my father.’ That means that he has handed over to his father his eyes, heart and mind. And through him the eyes, heart and mind of the Father acted.

Man’s particularity is exactly in the fact that we are given the possibility to accept death. No other form born on a lower level has that possibility. By accepting his death or non-existence Jesus Christ allowed the complete functioning of his level: from the beginning to the end and from the end to the beginning. The process of life is only bound to the birth-death and death-birth relation.

The man’s level only turns from his subjectivity to objectivity once his personal interest disappears. Such a person accepts everything as it is. He completely lives in a fellow man and the fellow man can completely live in him. And by that God also lives on the level of man, on the level of humanized God.

Man in himself is a sort of mini universe in which there are two poles or two contradictions: plus infinity and minus infinity. These are the basis on which life is analysed.

We are always in some kind of surplus or some kind of life state. When we are in an emotional state we are in plus surplus and the subconscious takes over. All other functions flow through the conscious as a deficiency, as the opposite to the surplus. The plus is thus identified through the minus.

A wise man turns the state around and tries to see the plus through the minus and the minus through the plus. Those who manage to do that are balanced in an amplitude change of positions. Equilibration can take up a year, a month or a day, and sometimes only a moment. It depends on the reason for the state. However, not only man functions in an amplitude manner, the whole universe does.

The life in us works automatically. If we stand on the path of this automatism, let’s say with a forced thought, we act against our own nature from our side. Psychical imbalance thus occurs.
Our goal should not be the accuracy that we have chosen but the separation of all self-willed steps. The plus and the minus are only two opposites in us that dance their dance. A wise man lets them dance and through their dance he is born in the Lord.

God’s secret is that he does not have two faces. He is the mystery of nothing that is silent. God is silent because he has given the possibility to discover opposites to man. Anything that the Lord would answer, the man would fall for and relate with.

A polar man is not capable of a balanced view. He either loves or hates his own image. He cries to his image and he laughs at it. Because he in fact is not with anyone, he and life are two reflections.

It is best if a loving person helps us. He is our lord then. We should not be experts on love but love naturally. When we love, even anger is simple and healthy. We should thus shout when we are happy and cry when we are sad. We should speak up sharply when that is necessary and gently when somebody is suffering.

Children live here and now. They react to what they feel. We love them even when they stamp, when they are stubborn, because they are a stamping life to us. Life is giving them a live spirit through anything. They search for the spirit in their toys and name them. Let us be a toy as well so that they can name us with their warmth. We should allow ourselves these sparkling moments at any time, for we ourselves cannot give birth to even one of them.

Those who convince themselves that they are wise are fools who dream about the greatness of their dreams. We should be aware that a thought also caresses when we allow anything and anywhere to touch us with its freedom. How can a palm feel itself? How can an eye see itself? How can a thought understand itself? Man who wants to achieve the state of his own touch and wants to be the thought, the heart and body to himself is sinking into the despair of non-impregnated nothing.

Let us be real and unnamed so that life can name us after anything or anyone. And we will have a name once again. Maybe even after the one that we have lost. Therefore let us leave and peace will find us wherever and whenever, for we will have to be going away for the eternity. Think of the moment of our goodbye and live it now, and we will be peace to everything and everything will be peace to us.

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