Insecurity seeks security

Only the small one sees the small one, and yet we are all small in our essence


In his starting point each of us is an infinite insecurity, in feedback infinite security. By agreeing to insecurity we open the space to security.

All information is final after the feedback, and infinite after the starting information. You carry the feedback within you, without having to look for it – all you have to do is submit to it. You are indirectly summed up as feedback, and directly caught in in the starting information. The feedback covers the starting information, however, the feedback also needs its own coverage.

Only at the 45° angle there exist two kinds of information, the feedback and the starting one. Once the feedback is covered, the 45° angle is annulled and defines arbitrariness into a finite infiniteness or infinite finality. When the feedback is covered, so will be the starting information, and both will disappear then, for they have been only the mirror of acceptance of one another.

Non-occurrence is an infinite force that is everywhere and nowhere. The devil is the master of manifestations or of arbitrary occurrence on the shoulders of non-occurrence. The origin of everything is in non-occurrence, and yet science searches for it in occurrence.

Finality has conditioned occurrence, and infinite non-occurrence, which places each occurrence into finality, arises from it. The arbitrary occurrence had the power until non-occurrence had become infinite.

Accuracy disburdens your occurrence, that part over which you have no power. The mystery of infinite occurrence takes the loyal one into its palms, while the self-willed who takes occurrence into his own palms continues to fall day by day into a greater spasm of non-acceptance of his own finality.

It is not of the utmost importance what, where, why… for you are not the master; non-occurrence is the master of infinite occurrence, while your arbitrary occurrence always remains only the beginning of finality or non-occurrence.

‘Look, I am the Lord’s maid, what happens is according to your word.’

That is how consciousness found its shelter, rested in it and gave birth to the Saviour.

Without Him everything would be chasing something infinitely infinite and falling into the abyss of the uncatchable and yet infinitely loyal – the Lord’s Consciousness.

The Lord does not have a space of his own; he gave all of it to you.

The consciousness travelled like a spirit that gusts above everything, from light to atom, to living beings, and it stopped in man. The spirit is one eight that is searching for a space and it has found it in Man, who has completely given away his space to it. But the world of manifestations ruled over the light, over atoms, living beings, and there was nobody anywhere.

Only the small one sees the small one, and yet we are all small in our essence.

Jesus took the cross of one eight entirely upon himself, remained small and did not rise above anyone. When he was condemned to death, tortured and crucified, there was no judgement in Him, only the plea of mercy to those who crucified him. He outweighed each evil with the good and thus saved the world.

Before Jesus, man could not be humble enough in front of God, he lived a mirror image or reflection. Only Jesus was humble enough in front of the Lord and thus became the place of Lord’s Consciousness. After Jesus, the Lord’s Consciousness settled in all that were humble and loyal; on the other hand, however, the great reflected at the expense of the small.

Man embellishes himself with the intellect that nature gave him, each is clever according to himself, good, righteous… yet he who cannot see further than his own intellect does not see, nor feel or understand anything. Everybody is hunting life without knowing that they would need to allow the life into their circle. We are a bond of life to one another. As long as man is on his side, everyone seems foreign. In order to accept someone into your circle, you first have to give him your space.

Life is calling from you from all the things that you like and if you give space to them you open the space of life. Your life is only that to which you give space. Everything that you accept as your life, accepts you as its own. The soil that you will learn to love will bear fruit after you, the flower will bloom by your side and the animal will live you as its own life; only man, the free being, who will not give a pair to man will remain a stranger to his own life in another.

Two who give birth to life from the other side are becoming close ones in the freedom of Lord’s Consciousness.

Life has righteousness only in itself, but what does your righteousness mean if there is nothing in you and nobody lives?

Stop, man, while you are still given infinite possibilities to stop and live with something, for only the point of standstill will remain for everyone and it will be infinitely more difficult to remain in it once all other options are gone.

There is very little time left until the accurate comparison.

In the world of non-being there flows a change,

And in the world of being, the end of the path with the moment of birth,

Which is why everything has its ending now.