Infinite silence without an answer

Only compassion opens the doors of silence in man


Silence is the only true gift of life that you have,
But you are not aware of its value
The presumptuous ones make fun of it, the loyal ones respect it.

The rule of life always the infinite, although the infinite has not been exposed yet, it best everything subjective on the definitive, thus pumping the infinite within.

As long as the barycentre of the ratio is on the definitive or in reflections, you can still master it according to the personal rule, but once the barycentre of the ratio gets to the third point, the rule of life takes over with the power of the infinite in you, the definite.

Do not live life according to personal rules, but according to the rule of life. Only that, which life dictates that you do, and not from your impulse, is professional and that is the only discipline that exists.

Man should hang on to that and he will always be on the right spot at the right time – whereas as soon as he starts searching for the right places on his own, he is always on the wrong spot at the wrong time.

Silence is the longest wave of the universe. The whole of the universe it a reaction of infinite silence, but without an answer, and man the only being that can outweigh the silence, thus giving birth to infinite contents of life.

Reaction is always accurate, action always inaccurate.

Silence is your freedom and your choice that determines all actions and reactions in you. Man can have an infinite number of actions on the canvass of infinite silence, but all he creates with them are artificial worlds without contents.

A self-willed man begins everything with action and thus creates destructive reactions. A loyal person reacts in a healthy way and with everything creates constructive reactions. Reaction is always in ratio with someone or something and therefore full of contents that bring peace – action is always in self-ratio of hurrying from its own voids.

Man that is peaceful on the inside becomes the answer of the silence that he originates from and conditions counterpoint reactions. Man who cannot stand the silence within is creating a world of action, but everything that crosses his path creates unbearable reaction of asymmetry in him himself.

Only compassion opens the doors of silence in man
And the contents of nostalgia of some spring are rising behind them,
Like an impulse of the ignorant in you.
Your answer to it, which is an infinite void in everything,
Only in your final consent to it, infinite contents of life.