General turn


Man has two bodies; the first one is the physical body and the second one the energy body or the soul.

When the first body dies, man simply passes over into the second energy state, the second body. However, if the second body dies, then the soul, which is eternal, dies as well. The second, energy body, dies if man does not give it priority over the first, the physical one and subjugates it instead of subjugating himself to it.

Man has two options in the final sense; if he gives up the first body, then the second one will automatically come to life, whereas if he does not allow the second body to live, than the first one will decay as a result of the unborn second one.

The day is coming when the energy fields will invert and there will be a change in the position of the first and the second body. The physical body is now the primary one and the energy body secondary – like a gravitation of the first one. However, with the inversion of the positions, the energy field will become static, and consequently will man’s physical body become the consequence of his interior, a reflection of his life; and this body, which he now wears as a physical one, will become secondary and pass over into gravitation.

It all depends on whether you have preserved your second body, your soul, so that it could survive and live. In such a case you will unbind from your bodily entrapment in the name of your energy field. You will become free and eternal. However, if that field dies, you will crumble, no matter if the whole world is at your feet because you are smart and beautiful. You can just as easily crumble infinitely and eternally.

Man’s energy field changes with beautiful music, wise thoughts or good intentions, whereas stupidity distorts the field and turns man into a fool.

With every thought that you are capable of accepting, you transfer a part of yourself into the subconscious and are gradually leaving yourself behind. The structure of the energy body thus grows and thickens into an ever stronger form, for you are transferring your weight from the content of your entrapment into the content of your freedom. You transfer the centre of your gravity onto a body that is eternal and you thus enrich it – it is as if you were enriching yourself in time.

Even emotions function according to rules of energy fields and not according to the paths of the physical body. These rules of invisible fields make you grow fond of somebody, which you do precisely due to his invisible fields; for once you touch your loved one, the fields that he awakens in you will make you feel him different from how you feel other people. You will feel peace and warmth around him. However, if you touch a selfish person, the chill will quench you as your fields are being crushed.

Do not fear for your body, therefore; a new one will rise from it. If man could completely lose the fear for his life, he would unbind from bodily entrapment and a new body would step out, and that would be the actual Man. The physical body would sit here, while man would be standing there, observing it. Those who were clinically dead have experienced that.

The transfer into the energy body occurs when the physical body dies; it is a personal transfer. However, a general, common to all turn is coming now and we will all live through it at the same time and alive. This will be the general turn; it is as if the form above the surface was turned upside down, while the reflection on the surface was left standing.

In the general turn the energy body that used to be below will turn upside, and the physical body will turn downward, while the content is transferred from the lower into the upper body.
There are only two possibilities; either you transfer the energy body into your present and leave behind the fear for yourself, or you deny your eternal essence and nullify yourself in the reverse direction.

The more content that you transfer into your energy body, the more of it can you leave behind in the physical one and thus reduce the fear for your existence; if you transferred all the content, you would completely let go of the fear for your life. Everyone is afraid for himself and his existence, however, the goal of life is not the defence of existence but acquiring the power to unbind with the help of comprehension and faith.

We carry out the transfer from the physical into the energy body every day and with whatever we do. The convulsiveness, which we recognize as nervousness and other fears, is a sign of the weight of the physical body which is showing us how difficult it is to leave ourselves behind, how difficult it is to do the transfer. Nevertheless, whenever we do something with love, the transfer is in progress and once we take the first step, the chain reaction of subsequent ones is launched.

A person who has little transfer is stiff and leaves himself behind only with difficulty. He will therefore need more time for the transfer, yet that does not mean that he cannot manage it.

On the other hand, a person who has enough transfer does not have any problems with himself. He lives primarily from the second body and is therefore guided by the rule of the spirit or the rule of time. Life can speak through him as he is free. Even if he plays a musical instrument, the music is perfect, for he does not play with his physical body but with his soul and through it life.

A person who subjugates others and is not ready to turn himself around consequently turns others. Only darkness will befall such a person. When the day of the turn comes, he will be completely turned down.

Time is therefore precious. As long as man can transfer the content according to his will, he complements his energy field. But once this rule is turned, the possibility of change will no longer exist. It is therefore wise to try not to be in shortage at the time of the turn, for the suffering before reaching your whole content is great. Time overtakes man then, and those who will be in shortage will seem as if they had been beaten up, without any feeling for reality and completely confused. And it will take a long time before their eyes clear and before they complement themselves.

The relevant space is turned upwards, however, we temporally transfer it downwards and spin it like a mill wheel.

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