From here to there – billions of years of ideas

When you step into the house of another because of another, the house of yours opens in it


‘Go and do what you have intended, but know that your intention is the only real one.’

As long as you still have your bridge of ideas, you can come to me and I will forgive you your intention; but once the bridge falls, the intention of everyone is realized and becomes their own measure.

A billion years is infinite from your point of view, but only a moment from the view of eternity. Just the same is your life almost nothing in comparison to infinity, and yet everything or the only one that can cover eternity.

In the eyes of the yesterday’s man this world was infinite; today it is becoming ever smaller. The world was like a big cathedral in which man could build his own cathedrals. Today the world has become smaller than man – like a small ball that he can see before him, there is this world in front of him. And yet that is not enough.

With comprehension you are getting closer and closer to man. The eyes used to look with the eyes of the mystery, but only when the eyes of a man look from your eyes, do the eyes on the other side start feeling the man and your unbinding from the infinite cathedral of ideas begins.

The most beautiful and the biggest cathedrals are built after Him, who is, the smallest of all, caught in the eyes of the mystery of everyone who is bigger than Him, and yet He would only be gladdened by the eyes of a man; for cold are foreign eyes which look at you with the eyes of the mystery and not man.

It is not enough to minimize the world in front of you in order to solve a mystery of the infinite, but to become smaller than what is before you, so that you could, at the mercy of the Smallest, step from the world of ideas into the world of the real.

The universe is the longest wave, and the shortest is the anti-wave of the universe. The anti-wave of the universe is non-matter; how will you measure it? Everything has got its own wave, even an atom, it only does not have coverage for it, which is why it is passing away and the world with it. Each person is a wave and there is an anti-wave of a man in him. As much as you accept the anti-man, that much you are developing and slowly covering man.

Jesus covered the whole of the anti-wave of man within and thus covered the wave of man for all of us; yet he remained an anti-wave within until somebody conditions man for Him. Nobody can cover the man for himself; by accepting the anti-wave, we condition for ourselves and are being born as man in one another.

He who cannot take his own loneliness upon himself is opening empty ratios of his own distances from here to there. But all the way from there he is coming into your proximities and is unbinding you of your loneliness. Only that which is from here to there smaller from that which is from there to back here, conditions proximities.

Once man yields from there back to here, he gives birth to the fluid from here to there. If he is living his own world, he does not give birth to anything from here to there and is hunted by his proper somebody from there back to here.

Man is a projected one eight. He has no character within, he is projected into one fourth/men and one half/woman. And the difference is in whether man is turned towards himself after another or after himself toward another. If he is turned toward others, he is in a mirror ratio, through which he walks towards his one eight or an empty space. If he is turned toward himself, he is projected in others into the ratio of a double mirror and is walking away from the place of his basis, yet unknowingly sitting into the asymmetry of his own place of an empty, un-impregnated one eight.

Man is without character within; only his ownerships bind him to the world of mirrored characters, where they react in front of each other’s mirrors. If man did not claim anything, he would be free of character reactions and only that, which would get caught in the ratio of accurate measurement would speak in him.

Man is an empty page in his foundation, and therefore compatibility of characters does not exist; what exists is the conditioning of the place of accurate measure and in it man after man; while on the other side the characters are measured in a interacting mirror of the illicit. 

When you step into the house of another, the house of yours opens in it, and there is no character in it, only the colours of your heart. There are no abysses between people, only voids in ourselves and as much as we run from them into a notion of somebody, that much our nobody pursues into the abyss of our own projection and difference.

Every nobody in front of you is a place of mercy and you are mercy to others if you are a nobody. Only thus can we give each other what we are, otherwise we only compete with one another for the place of somebody, while in fact we are drawing away and increasing the abyss within ourselves.

As much as you are somebody in your consciousness, that much nobody is chasing you in your subconscious and that much nobody can give you anything, for there does not exist one palm that could reach over the abyss of ideas. When you meet somebody who is somebody, there is a void between the two of you. Always be grateful for everything that you can give, for the heart in front of you conditions your offering; and he who is somebody within himself, has a heart that does not know gratitude and you do not have anything you could give him.

Up until the accurate measure was not conditioned, everyone lived one or another intention that only they knew about within their own idea. Jesus gave up his time and agreed to the empty page without ideas or one free eight. He let himself into a free fall, although there was nobody there for him on the other side, and he thus separated the idea from the intention and in it from there back to here conditioned accurate measure.

That which you are in your essence cannot be taken from you nor given to you by anyone, while everyone for themselves needs to agree to their own foundation. You are a contact for life, nothing more and nothing less than that. The heart of the close one is one, and only that gives birth to everything and nothing, according to the intention of your heart.

From there back to here is not the same as from here to there, just as if somebody gives it is not the same as if somebody takes. When two meet from there to back here, it is the same in the middle and can be stopped one according to the other, for the given is the same as the taken. Your life is your bridge of ideas from here to there, so that you would agree to the free fall or with the fact that you are nobody from here to there, and that after you everything from there to back here could exist and wipe out billions of years of ideas – billions of years of the abyss between people; and from the intentions of the real, a bridge of limitless could be built.