Friendship and love are worth more than all the wisdom and wealth of this world


Friendship is worth more than anything else in a human life. The most sacred places of all in the Lord’s eyes are where people meet in friendship. ‘Friendship’ could be therefore written on all the churches and all the altars of this world. The brilliancy of a true friendship is worth the most of what a person can give and is the only eternal jewel that in God’s eyes surpasses all the wisdom and all the wealth of this world.

There are Sundays and there are Mondays. Each of us is in his essence only a simple man and consequently deep down inside nobody wants a Sunday. Even on Sundays everyone would prefer to be a Monday, for Monday is a completely ordinary day. The same flowers that bloom for all the people of this world on an ordinary day, are on Sundays bought and people ‘stuff them in each other’s faces’.

Mondays are simple, quiet and are waiting for people. The best feeling therefore is when somebody moves you from a Sunday into an ordinary day. On the other hand, it is unpleasant if somebody deems you a Sunday and leaves you in it.

Every woman carrying a child expects someone who will be satisfied if he were be able to be born a Monday. She can expect him as a Sunday but he will be a Monday in his essence. They will only become friends if she loves him as an ordinary day.

Sunday thinks about what to get out of the day, whereas is Monday satisfied if Sunday, on its day, lets him be ordinary. The beauty of the secret of true friendship is thus equivalent to the beauty of the mightiest church, for the brilliancy of a beautiful church is hidden in the secret of Monday; in the question whether a man knows how to put a Monday onto the altar of a Sunday – therein lies the secret of a simple offering.

Jesus Christ was a simple offering. The Lamb of God who gives himself for us. He was a Monday who was crucified by a Sunday.

The final secret of life is the counterpoint. When church is in counterpoint, people in it on Sundays feel as respected as Mondays, for people are inwardly very simple Mondays. Only once two people are capable of accepting each other as a Monday, are they born into the God’s Sunday.

Because people judge each other through the eyes of Sunday they are all only lost Mondays.

The time has come when nobody will be able to be a Sunday at the cost of some Monday. Those who will want to continue being a Sunday, will do so at their own expense.

With constant blackmail will man cause ‘Christ’s torment’ to his fellow man. When the torment is the greatest and it seems that there is no way out, the solution is the easiest. Man is then forced to decide immediately. When torments are general, solutions are the simplest. That is how life works.

The decisions are much more complicated when man can handle the torment. The simplest and the only solution for Jesus was accepting the cross. As the torment was so great, the solution was completely simple and all encompassing. The solution is always in acceptance of the real condition which works the same as the loss of your own life.

This rule applies to all of us. It means that everyone has their own concerns. Man has to take upon himself everything that concerns him. Life can only help you from the ground zero of the starting point of yourself. When you try to take care of the accuracy of information, you defend the inaccurate information by not letting the accurate one take care of you.

Nowadays the job, the spouse, the children, etc. or everything that man has seen as his life up to this point, put him to death. As people cannot see any sense in any variation or life mediator, they try harder and harder to exist at the cost of their loved ones. That, however, is unfortunately not possible anymore. All logic has vanished and the era of the biggest man after man exploitation has begun. This is the era in which man got the feeling that he has been given all the freedom and that he only rules the world. He will therefore take away the only right that life has given his fellow man – to be just a man.

This era has been predicted the same as the era in which a brother kills a brother.