Each choice of one’s own path is an intervention in God’s will, and each destiny that man has chosen self-willingly an ever so strict a teacher

Everything is infinitely simple and yet exceedingly difficult if man cheats on himself with confirmation.


We live a clever stupidity in the mirror of a stupid intellect, yet everything is only a reflection of the all-knowing in the eyes of the ignorant; only the Consciousness to which you give place is infinite and your only freedom.

The mystery of fluctuation is the entrapment in the reflection of the reflection which does not have a place, nor existence in its snare.

Light is the first touch of Consciousness. It is one eight, in a double mirror reflected into one half. Due to its entrapment in a double mirror, the light is the purest consciousness and consequently the symbol of the Divine. There is always darkness at the end of light and light at the end of darkness, and as long as the light is a prisoner of darkness, the time is the prisoner of space, which is, according to the rule of the backward time current only a reflection of time that runs from its captivity into space. Each reflection of time is therefore only the starting point for a new run from freedom.

The secret of the atomic world is the secret of the reflection which in the freedom of a double mirror seeks the place of its freedom’s coverage.

The atom is one eight, reflected into a quarter and that, because of the rule of entrapment, is not capable of coverage. However, the search for this coverage in the atom alone establishes the rule of circulation, which binds the atoms into compounds, the first origins of life.

The secret of Consciousness coverage is the secret of agreeing to one eight, of allowing the place in one quarter, and in the final leaving of one’s own place in the one eight. This secret is carried within the man, the one and only of living beings that was created after the image of the Lord.

Man betrayed God on his own free will, yet the Lord did not say anything; only in comparison with the Lord did Adam recognize the cross of entrapment and Eve the pain of her betrayal.
If he could, the Lord would take away man’s free will and thus save him from pain, however, he could only turn time and give precisely enough of it to man for him to cover the pain of the lost man in the Lord through his own cross.

Only pain knows pain and only in the cross of entrapment can man get to know the laws of entrapment. Man is therefore one eight, according to the natural rule still reflected into one fourth, caught in natural laws, yet not finally and completely, like a caged animal. With his free will man can take the cross of this entrapment onto himself and with his loyalty gather the strength to step out of his own reflection; or at the expense of the entrapment of the loyal one self-willingly lives the uncrossing of the reflection of the reflection.

An animal is naturally primary or secondary. An animal never takes pleasure in taking it out on the weak, quite the contrary; it protects the weak. An animal never double-crosses the natural laws, it does not have that power; however, due to the entrapment in them, it is indirectly naturally smart and always accurate in its instincts. According to the nature’s endowment, man is the smartest creature, but his self-will takes away what nature has given him. Man is primary in his will, at the expense of the secondary he defines himself as the primary and uses the weak. Personal primary importance always breads principles; nature never.

The intellect that nature has given you is only an indirect intellect, it is the place of Lord’s consciousness. To him who is loyal to the Lord, the Lord in ignorance opens up the world of omniscience; he who is a smart ass, wastes the precious place of Lord’s Consciousness for petty change, for one eight and the whole are in Lord’s domain. He who defines himself in the entirety with his intellect will drown in his own principle once one eight is placed into one eight and gives birth to the whole of Lord’s Consciousness in all who are loyal, who have respected what God has given them.

The Lord does not have his own space, he gave it to you.

That is how this world has come to be, the world of reflection – all the way to the coverage of one eight in one eight.

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