Every moment you rise into space and disapper into time

The constant (c), the only controller of the universe


Every moment all forms are rising anew as space and disappearing into time with the speed of light. Due to the speed of change between rising and disappearing it seems that all forms are constant, when in fact all the space and all the forms in it – the fluctuation, the animate and inanimate nature of man – throb with speed ©.

When the flow of disappearing is stronger than the flow of rising, the form is getting old, and once that flow completely prevails, death occurs.

Until man is psychologically mature he is tempted to hold on to a certain constant form in which he looks for his own seeming safety. However, the only possible safety lies in the eternally new form that is rising anew at any given moment. The moment man puts himself into a constant or a whole, life begins to divide him and he starts sinking into time. His own face, to which he holds on as if it were his life, enslaves and tortures him. Man should therefore not choose neither a profile, nor principles or priorities…

Every evening man should write off the old man and all possible forms, for none are worth anything and each only takes him further away from life. Nobody who does not leave the last form can enter God’s kingdom. Children are pure as they do not arrogate any form.

Feedback is coming at any given moment and to everyone the same, but only he who does not have his own forms and lets himself be projected can read it – he stares into the mystery of the spirit. On the other hand he, who clings to his own form, spends all the energy for his own information and therefore does not see anything and is rigid and stiff.

Jesus spent forty days in the desert leaving his old form and then he lived each moment the new one that was given to him. The Father was in Him and He was in the Father. On the third day he rose from the dead because life had projected Him anew. Only those who let themselves be projected as well were able to see him.

Your presence is eternal, do no bind yourself to any form, for they are all, just like you, fleeting and each of them only opens the door to the Black hole of time. Do not fear for your life, for life gives you rise anew at any given moment. Respect that you are new every instant and you will live in the Holy Spirit.