Each among us and everything that exists has been placed in this world from God’s rule

Do not search for God in your own fantasies – your path to God should be your fellow man


Just the same as to each of us in our own time, the law of life conditioned Jesus Christ’s own cross during his time. He was the only man throughout history who took the position of the cross upon himself unconditionally like a lamb. He was the only one who allowed himself to be unconditionally and completely placed at the place of his cross and He was the only one who could take it.

As opposed to him, we more or less stick merely to our own place, without consenting to any kind of decision. It would be enough if we at least to some extent allowed to be placed into what life places us over and over again. Were we able to do that, then the living spirit of life and the measurable rule of time would start flowing step by step.

However, in the case of our inadmissibility, there is only the immeasurable rule of time or the spirit of death upon us. The spirit of death swallows everything and no or any type of life-form can consequently form. People are not aware that nothing normal can stem from reality as long as they are living only their virtuality.

The society has always been some kind of a compound of people who were supposed to function normally within it. Yet today it is difficult to find people who would be able to act normally with each other; that is impossible, for today’s society has become completely disabled.

The society begins with two. In most cases that means that one terrorizes the other and reserves the right to do so right from the beginning. Nobody is subjected to anybody any longer – nobody is willing to accept the magnitude of the place that has been given to him according to the second or God’s rule.

Each among us and everything that exists has been placed in this world from God’s rule. Yet that does not give us the right to rule over anybody as if we were God. If we wanted the society to function normally, then nobody should be bold enough to seize the rule of God (Do not touch the tree of knowledge).

Every plant, every animal, every man and all of nature are God’s rules that define the place where we are supposed to be if we want to be righteous and loyal to that place.

Nowadays people are only loyal to themselves and can therefore easily bypass every God’s rule and the place where they are. They can no longer be faithful and loyal, let alone fair and righteous to anyone or anything.

Everyone more or less looks only after their own interests, which has made our society inhuman and sick, causing it to decompose, crumble and die faster and faster. All that today’s generations do is take advantage of the findings and goods that the generations before us left us through the maximum effort and deprivation. All that today’s generations prostitute without any guilty conscience was understood by wise people of previous eras through a lot of effort and self-sacrificing. They sacrificed all their knowledge and effort, and often their lives.

The society has no respect left for the God’s rule one after the other. No matter whether we are aware of it or not, we should view everyone and all our loved ones as God’s rule before us.

We define the place where we are one for the other. All other rights we take self-willingly. The only right therefore and the only duty of man is that he respects this God’s rule or the rule one after the other and lives from it.

Only once we accept the place that others have given us are we truly real or in the spirit of reality, and only then are we truly alive and are life to others. Everything else is imaginary, and the imaginary kills the living spirit, soul and body. For man is like a computer of life that needs to be constantly in touch with someone or something in order to be active, alive and functioning.

When two take the place of one after the other there arises a full contact of effect between them and that is called eternal life.

Nowadays people more or less only kill and murder each other. Who is left today that would still try unconditionally for another so that they could live. Nobody is ready to accept the position of a fellow man anymore, for to a democratic person of today’s era that seems unfair; the only thing that such a person finds fair is what stems from their own rule.

More or less all the people act according to this self-willed or asymmetric rule, which has made the modern society completely inhumane. There are very few left who still function according to the natural rule or even sympathy. Man has not attended to any kind of development of reciprocal relationships or at least the minimal psychological development of people or the society as a whole.

People consequently nowadays proclaim wisdom as abnormality and madness as wisdom. And once that happens, the human society begins to decay. Relationships stop functioning once everyone starts making up whatever they wish and define that as the law or rule of life.

In that moment the basic foundation of the society begins to rot and consequently the whole of man’s system begins to crumble. Once that happens, nothing can save the society anymore, and only the system is conserved. Yet even that cannot be saved, for the damage caused to the foundation is irreparable.

Everything has its soul, but man is becoming blind to the essence and is incapable of seeing and noticing anymore. He lives as if he were a child who tramples down all the flowers without being aware of it, as he does not know the value of what he has crushed.

However, every flower, every plant, every animal, etc. is – similarly to the child – only a soul born before him. And every soul has its story. Our soul should be aware of these stories and perceive them, for a man’s soul is the only one that can be subtle enough to be conscious and to recognize the story of each soul.

Once our world starts coming to a conclusion we will be able to perceive subtle sounds or the sounds from the deepest depths. We will walk through the forest and sense all its sounds, from the humming of the birds to the rustling of the leaves. We will perceive and understand how at one point everything in this forest bloomed so that all forms were able to grow. Our soul will comprehend how the time of this forest was formed.

At first only a small contact of a time will appear. As we mature we will feel it more and more and once our spirits are completely grown up, we will live it in full, for Life is speaking to us like a tree, a bird… and most thoroughly it speaks through man.

This Lord’s rule can only come to life once we agree to it; when we are at a spot that is conditioned by our loved one and vice versa. Once that happens, it can be considered a speaking and working Lord’s rule. In the opposite case there is only silence and uttermost conflict.

As long as we do not assume the places of all life’s rules, we are neither the Lord’s soul nor body, but only His Spirit or nothing.

Everything there is and each man have their presence. Man’s presence is present in everything, yet we only become aware of that once we allow every presence and accept it as our own.

Our presence was also in the ones who occupied only the primary places. That is why we had to carry our cross, which was difficult. However, the day will come when the system will turn around. Our presence will then pass over from the exterior (this world) to the interior relationship (that world).

The rules of ‘that’ or the interior world will start getting realised faster and faster. The more this world will be becoming nonsensical and dead, the more foundation or presence of ‘that’ world will speak in the loyal ones. Everyone will feel pleasant in the presence of that side, for it will become an accurate guidance and consequently certainty. A completely unimaginable dimension of common presence will thus slowly start opening up to us.

The world as we know it will suddenly become completely foreign and unacceptable. We will be aware that we have been living in an alien world, and that everything that was, that grew and lived with us was in this foreign world. Everything grew, everything fought only to win some proper world. Consequently those who had more or less agreed to this foreign world as the only one and did not fight for their ‘own’ arbitrary world while still in this one, will suddenly find themselves in their own one.

Those who will continue to fight for their own rules will not benefit. God help them, for thus they will be in a constant conflict with this new rule.

Man has been, throughout history, in some way or another, in conflict with the new rule of life. This domain was vast and man was more or less in constant conflict with the God’s rule. All kinds of things were going on in this domain. There were crises, plagues, wars and other misfortunes, all of which was a consequence of man’s unwillingness to agree with the Great Rule.

Today this domain of conflict is greatly reduced and all of us can feel its breath on our faces.

There will come a time when we will not be ashamed to ask, let’s say, Mary. We will have the courage to turn to her as a man to a man. We will not feel Her as a lady or a saint then, but will know that she has always been and is our friend and ally.

The domain of conflict will disappear forever as we pass the care for our presence over to the rule of the nascent great system despite remaining in this world.

‘This’ and ‘that’ world will differentiate only in presence and un-presence. We will be less present in this (outer) world and more in that (inner) one.

The rule of the presence (life) and un-presence (death) will apply to everyone, which goes the same for all people. He who will be in the ‘other’ presence will condition it for everyone who communicates with them. We will condition the pair of presence of ‘that’ world for one another and in the Holy Spirit everything will run automatically correct.

The other presence will make us infinitely merciful toward everything and our loved ones will automatically be forgiven everything, for all of us have problems and troubles in this domain of conflict only due to ourselves in the ratio to eternity.

Eternity has never needed masters and geniuses. It only needs a loyal and sensible man. Otherwise it cannot instigate or emphasize. Only once we feel ‘that’ world, will we suddenly realize that all the science and all the knowledge of this world are nothing in front of the liveliness of God’s kingdom.

We will be aware that every science and all the knowledge of this world are only games with automatic natural conditions. People have always been like children playing with Lego blocks, for nature puts everything together on its own. And everything that man puts together ‘ anew’ has already been constructed by the nature. It has assembled a tiny flower, a bee, a dog, a cat and lastly man. No one can therefore put anything together and say: ‘This is only mine’ – or pretend to be clever, for that matter.

All that man has done was play within natural rules and twisted them according to his wishes. All these rules have been in force just the same since the beginning of Creation. Even today the same rules apply as they had in the Stone Age.

People of previous eras were in the same conflict and could be just as smart and wise, or stupid and slow-witted as the man of this era. They will thus connect to the new reality in the same manner or rule as the modern man.

The new world will definitely be enacted and the loyal ones will be extremely happy. There will be nothing left to remind them of this world of conflict and death. The end of the old world will for them mean the end of the way – the end of searching.

Once the search is over we will not be in conflict with anything or anyone, not even ourselves. The lives of many who suffer will then become complete peace and infinite joy. Yet many will be crushed and ripped open by the new, for as long as man lives as a whole and does everything only for himself, he is in constant disquiet and troubles.

Everything in nature divides. We consequently have to be mature enough for our own division. Only once we are able to do that will we really be appeased and will get to know all the liveliness of real life.