Circle of infinite accuracy

Gravitations are randomness of the circle of balance on the horizontal and into which the magnetism as the driving force of this balance settles in the moment that balance is restored. Magnetism and gravitation are not two separate forces, but a consequence of an inverted sequence of sound and consequence.

Gravitation opens up and at the same time limits the circle that is conditioned by the magnetism. Magnetism is a zero point that operates only within the circle of gravitation.

In the world of the exterior which is, before it is, we live the world of the inner – the world of gravitations or the world of rounding up of virtual totalities. Man is a virtuality that can be rounded up in his own reality through the reflection of another. Thus he sets up a specular circle of his virtual totality – a circle of balance on the horizontal, thus separated from the actual reality that could be opened up through the relationship.

The more man gazes into himself, the more he is convinced that he is real, when in fact he is only a self-proclaimed virtual totality, turned inwards, staring into his own reflective circle. Everything that agrees with only a half of itself opens up a circle of actual reality on the outside.

Only one person took the whole of virtuality onto himself and after Him the reality worked, for he did not have his own rounding up into the circle of reality earlier than it is.

Jesus is a man who agreed to the zero point of the magnetism or to the vertical without any attempt of virtual rounding up toward the horizontal. With that he conditioned the force of the magnetism that is independent of any rounding up, for he accepted death and stepped onto the path of no return. He thus conditioned the circle of infinite accuracy that can, after him, be opened up by anyone who, like Him, agrees to the path of no return – to death in himself.

If magnetism did not exist, man could gravitate wherever and whenever he would like. But since magnetism is a reflexive force of gravitation, each gravitates in a specific circle of his own, from which he cannot get out despite his free will. With it he can only choose the direction of his view.