Between existence and non-existence


You are a spirit that lives, and it is a miracle that you are a being that lives.
Respect the being that lives in you, in others.
For you are and you are not, and in order to be, you need to have somebody else.

In order for that someone, who also is and is not, to be,
you have to invest some effort.
If you do not try, he dies, you die.

It is a miracle that you are and that you are not alone.
Have respect!

Whenever you are turning towards yourself, you are turning away. Someone always remains alone when that happens. Summon to you everything that is and is not, turn to another so that they would feel that there is somebody else and they are not alone.

The path is yours, the life is the Lord’s. You are God’ presence. Your body, your heart, your eyes are God’s and even your life is God’s. It is yours only as much as you perceive it to be.

Those who live for someone, unknowingly live God’s way, and those who live for themselves, take away the eyes, the heart, the intellect and the body of those who do not.

You are in this world and you are not, that is why everyone tries to confirm themselves, yet no one can do that. Those who try to confirm themselves belittle others, and are not aware that if no one had been before them, they themselves would be nothing.

Man should give up his face and not defend it after someone, for he will only enslave the hearted, and enrage the primary. The difference between strangers and close ones is in the fact that the close one offers a man a human home, whereas the strange ones do not. Considering his actions, man can be at home everywhere and in everything.

All disappointments are a reflection of lack of subordination in front of life, conceitedness that does not allow a moment for the moment.

Man is asymmetrical in himself, with no feedback, like white in a white – he therefore searches for the coverage of his face in foreign faces. Yet with everything that he defines in his own order, he falls into asymmetry with himself. If he let everything to be the way it is, he would restore the counterpoint and would be at peace with himself and others.

We live a world of a seeming reality – fictitious starting point – in which every feedback works in two ways. Those who are turned toward themselves and experience this life as their own are limited by every feedback. Those who are turned towards the close ones, are not aware of their own and every feedback gives them hope. For those who are at the starting point x or ignorant (nothing), y or the answer (everything) represent the feedback that gives them balance. Everyone who is at the starting point y, the feedback assigns to x, which is infuriating.

The world that you live in is not relevant and neither is any situation in it, yet what is relevant is your every relationship. Even if there is someone who defines you as a complete asymmetry, you should strive for the counterpoint (Go and do what you intended), for once your path ends, either one or the other is outlined in you.

Man should confirm life in everything and not himself, for in the consequence – the feedback, every somebody will be a nobody and every nobody somebody after someone.

To be the one who is not is unimaginable. If you were alone in the Universe, you would be the one who is not – you would be nothing.

You are born between everything and nothing and we are all hunted by the notion of non-existence. The difference lies in whether you are turned toward yourself or toward others, whether you confirm yourself or allow another. Allow everything to be, and everything that you allow will give you balance. On the other hand you can insist on your own confirmation and thus put out a thousand faces.

There is nothing in one’s own confirmation. The origin of spirit awaits you in all forms of relationship and permission. Every relationship of permission is a spirit that spills into a form of peace, wisdom, joy… anything that you condition with a request or attitude. The awoken spirit that spills is a link that, once opened, always and everywhere works with the reality that you allow (The left hand should not know what the right one is doing).

You open up as much spirit as you allow or condition. In front of the Lord you are not entitled to an illicit spirit for you otherwise cancel out the view of life (Not mine, your will should happen). The most open view is the permission, while the selfishness limits you and others.

Man is the carrier of the spirit but does not allow its manifestation. Those who also do not allow the spirit in themselves go mad.

Between ‘I am’ and ‘I am not’ you live your living dream, yet everything falls under ‘I am’ or ‘I am not’ – into the ‘I am’ of your permission or ‘I am not’ of your confirmation, for both can no longer exist in the same place.

‘He who tries to save his life will lose it, and he who will lose it will save it,’ Jesus said.

It is necessary to agree to ‘I am not’ so that you could allow ‘I am’ in fullness. By accepting ‘I am not’ you solve every obstacle – settle every bill. However, in this world, everything fights and hunts just to be. If man gave up his face his fear would disappear, for among all the faces, man is afraid only of his own.

If man were completely subjugated on the inside and not outside, he would have the power of the spring and a bouquet of flowers would spring up from his palm.

‘Isn’t that which grows more important than the sower?’ says the Lord.

Do not be afraid of harvesting, diligently sow and trust.

Life is quietly passing by and as much as you are nobody here, you are already recognized as somebody on the other side. You can be everything here, but you are evaporating on the other side. Everything in you is crossed and it unbinds into existence or non-existence according to your permission.

The time of the fictitious starting point is running out and the time of actualization of the chosen relationship is coming. Once the feedback covers the starting point, the counterpoint and asymmetry cancel each other out. The counterpoint at the expense of asymmetry will no longer exist then.

The face of everyone in their one eight is becoming infinite and those who still defend their face after someone are falling into a never ending abyss of a foreign face. Those who give up their face, unbind other’s faces in themselves and theirs in others. The godlike in you is one eight outside, it is a seed that matures into a Man. Whenever you do something for someone, God’s seed in you feels the spring, and whenever you turn to yourself, there is darkness in you and the simplicity of the divine is dying in it.

Awareness is not wisdom, awareness is that
which in ignorance opens the view
whenever you do something for someone.

The life that you are living is not yours,
yet all the threads of it are in your hands.

Man struggles with his own presence
when he experiences this life as his own.
If you put your name in front of the face of life
the Divine in you remains nameless.

The path is yours and the life is Lord’s,
but only in oblivion of yourself
the Lord’s presence speaks through you as Life.

Respect the face of life,
do not stare into the face of one principle
if you can stare at thousands of life’s faces.