A day in a day

Someone lives flowers because he allows them within himself. His flowers live in him and that fulfils him


With every thought of someone or something, you give to him or it a place inside you. For it is not only the flower… it is a flower in you – it is not merely the sky… there is the sky within you and there is not only a day… there is a day in a day, if you give a place inside you. Even a plant feels your thought, as it has a place of its own in you due to it; how would a person not feel it?

Your body – each part of your body need its place in you, for not only does the soul dwell in your body but also the body in your soul.

Nothing has ever had its consciousness, but man awakes it in man through his permission. The nature is merciful in allowing everything. When you tread through its forests, meadows, rivers… you can experience it through its permission, but do not delude yourself in it with your own inner beauty.

With comprehension we open the blossoms of our acceptance and man is a being who can open the blossom of all creation – in the palms of complete acceptance also the blossom of the heavenly kingdom. For heavenly kingdom does not have a place on the outside, only in you, at the place of your acceptability. And there is no other hell than the one in you, in the non-permission of each other’s worlds.

Man has a place after the Lord, and he should therefore not take any other place except the one he was given. All the positions that people occupy are positions of death; only those that man accepts are positions of life. Man opens all kinds of positions, while he should only accept one – the position of a man.

He who thinks that he can consciously create anything live is simply wrong, for the untouchable cannot be touched with anything; with our permission we can only open the doors to everything and consequently the place of the Lord in a man.

In your permission everything has its own consciousness. Do not touch life; life is as independent as the body in your soul; give it its place and it will come to life in you, tell its story and leave… but always come back to you due to your permission.

The more somebody grows on you, the more difficult it is to allow him all the freedom, for you are in fear of your loss. When you really love something, you open the place of its completeness within you and if you lost that, you would lose everything. Not until you are ready to lose everything in the name of that which you love, will that something have a place to enter.

Everything that has its complete place in you lives an independent life and there is no need to worry that it would die out if you do not put more wood on the fire – only dreams die out like that. Life is infinite and eternal in your permission, for one day can die – a day in a day never.

A bird does not fly from the South through space to its home in the North,

The space flows in its time through it, all the way to its nest.

And thus there is ever a need for her own infallibility, for its nets dictates the destination of the space.

And so will man, in his time, also be as loyal as a bird,

And find his way to where he has come from to hatch under this sun the eternal wings for the way there.