Your step is enough

People would like to be the copy of the highest mountain, yet they are afraid of the river that flows beneath.

Your step is enough

Man can walk in peace of the Lord’s rule; your step in the Lord is enough for to enfold life.

Your own weight suffices; life does not require an infinite amount of it.

Your own weight in life suffices to outweigh any relationship. We each have our own weight, our own coverage after Lord. If you renounce your own manifestation you are not taking anything from it, you are only living your life with the full weight. Or you are seeking endless own weight in you manifestation, but are losing it and consequently the coverage after Lord.

A man who has lost his own weight is seeking his own in the pulse of another and with that plants into them the burden of his own. For every pulse in life has its anti-pulse.

Take the weight of your eyes upon yourself so that you are sure of what you see. Take the weight of your thoughts upon yourself so that you understand. Take every moment upon yourself for there is nothing your weight could not outweigh. Do not rely upon others, for they have nothing to do with you and with what you have to outweigh.

The same as man has his own weight and pulse, the universe has a temporal pulse that beats in proportion to different wave lengths. Life is automatically accurate in everything, but accuracy is a relative measurement, imprecise according to one another. Only man is an accurate measurement that can and has to take his weight upon himself independently from another. With his coverage he can consequently outweigh the accuracy of the automatic.

‘Tear this temple down with the burdens of each other, with my own ones I will erect a new one within three days.’

According to the Lord, man is born with the full weight of coverage but the more he transfers the responsibility for his own life onto others, the less weight and less power for action or life coverage he has left.

By its own will everything goes towards the anti-weight. Each will be ruined by his own anti-weight and each born out of his own weight and not the infinite one. The moment you defend your face you are breaking the Lord’s rule and awakening the anti-pulse of life. Everything you do with your own full weight the Lord celebrates with infinity.

You are a true friend only if you are a friend with his full weight – a friend of time, of an object, of a man. Whatever you do, do it with your full weight, for the extent is not defined by man but life. If you do not have enough or full weight you are releasing the anti-weight and you will drown in it. Take your own weight upon yourself and you will outweigh your life.

Your life will return back into your life. Everything that you see is life, waiting for your pulse. You are a risen, sleeping pulse of the Lord, the sleeping pulse of life.

Life beats in the Invisible. Do not speculate about the visible, then, for with your own criteria you are becoming a stranger to everything that is weightless and consequently to yourself.

Your own weight is enough, but you do not have it to be speculating about it. Speculations turn you into a stranger to yourself and to everything else. Alienation will begin once the anti-string of everything that you tried to weigh into your favour on the scale of life is triggered. Everything from the anti-string flows into distances, while it could be flowing towards proximities, if only you balanced it with your full weight.

People are not aware that life can flow into an anti-pulse, for up till now life has been running with delay or from a foreign pulse. Life was not in sync and therefore did not beat, but was being weighed at a 45° angle (the angle of birth). From now on the pulse of life will flow strictly from its own coverage and in sync with the conditioned. Once the pulse of life is triggered, so is the anti-pulse.

The cross of this world is the cross of delayed accuracy, the cross of this world is your cross, the cross of your scope in God. Take the cross of this world upon yourself and all the burdens will fall… for your step in the Lord is enough to move the delayed and awaken in you the pulse of infinity.

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