Your loved


Everything that subjugates its own to a foreign one will in the foreign be unbound from its own,
Everything that subjugates the foreign to its own will in the foreign will be bound to its own.

Everything mine is foreign and everything yours is also only foreign,
But once all mine becomes yours only and yours only mine,
We will in each other be unbound from our own.

One according to another we watch and trust as they explain what they see,
For bound with ourselves we otherwise would not see anything,
While in one another we will watch and see for ourselves.

Man is a prisoner of time and time is a prisoner of man,
For everything, including man, is a form of trapped time.
Each man is therefore addicted to something with which he holds onto his time
And time is the prisoner of his addiction.

…and yet one through the other we travel…
We are time to one another, time through which we travel, addicted to what we love,
And yet strangers in everything we love,
As long as time is our prisoner and we addicts of our loves in it.

Only through pain of loss does man let the loved time from his palms.
Everyone lives only partial addiction, one they are not aware of;
The full addiction shows itself once what he is addicted to is taken from man.

As many as people, that many addictions;
Some control their addiction, some do not and the addiction controls them.
Once the addiction surpasses the boundaries of control,
Man to some extent burns out in the fire of his own disquiet, as he can not subjugate.

Once man loses what he loves, it is only the intellect that speaks within him
And a wise person knows that nothing is his,
That there is only the addiction through which you let the loved time from your palms into freedom.
When you let all your time from your palms,
You will become time in the palms of freedom.

In everything that we ourselves want we are fighting windmills,
But we could leave it to time,
For time is wind that carries us in everything that we grow up to and let go,
Like a snowflake into the palm of eternity.