You are what you are


Life enters only the home of him who kindly and loyally accepts it. And how will you offer you hand to life, if your hand is not empty? If the Creator keeps silent, it is so out of giving the man the opportunity for complete freedom – the freedom that is truly unlimited and a real foretaste of eternity. However, if man misses the perpetuity in himself, what has he found then? Everything is limitless in the foundation. Once you conceive something, you limit this infinity, taking away its possibility to be infinite. You ignorantly act as if you have known. Each limitation shatters the balance because only the undivided whole is the only one that can be balanced.

Man who devotes himself to life entirely can do no harm, as life does everything in him. There is no need to be a saint, for life is holy in itself. When you are what you are, you are, according to life, the way you were made, so what could be your error? Your incorrectness? Who even anticipates how deep the roots of this truth are?



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