You are only a rock on its path to man


You are a rock that sees, feels, thinks. You are a nature that has evolved enough to have eyes, intellect, heart. The uniqueness of the fact that you are born as you, tells you that you are not just somebody standing in a distant corner, sitting around at the side of the uniqueness of the fact that you are and you are, for it is inconceivable or the greatest possible miracle that you are.

Do not ask yourself for whom the bells toll – they toll for you, to fight your fight with nature in full swing, to some day find man. For even if one is fully committed, it takes a long time for life to bring him to the path of completion – to the Man inside him.

The decision can be such or such. If the decision is in the name of finding man, then the Lord is with him on the path and the contents of it are the contents of life. The difference between life’s decision and nature’s decision is invisible, yet always contradictory.

Some people have everything at the beginning, some at the end. Two who have everything in the end are bound to get into an argument. If one is at the beginning and the other at the end, they will not come to any understanding. Only when two people are at the beginning can a relationship between them open up.

The stronger is always the prisoner of his own nature’s command.

As long as there is at least one authority above you, it protects you from enforcing yours. Everyone who is stronger is in temptation of over-power that seems like freedom but is in fact the captivity of proper nature.

Submission seeks the way to settlement while nature always seeks the easiest way. With or without a reason, a big or a small thing – there is no difference, for any of them create a conflict if one is not in control of one’s nature.

Man has to be strong to control his nature, for the nature in you us an incontrollable stranger who is telling you what to do. There is only as much man as there has been dictated. However much has been properly dictated, according to one’s own will, is a stranger, not a man. Everyone would be ruined by their own nature if they did not have something above themselves.

Jesus controlled his nature completely and could thus stop the nature of anyone.

Man plays with nature, yet everyone seeks the man in a man. If only the nature stood before you, you would be scared of the man. Man can never trust the nature, only men.

A person who governs with the power of his nature puts fellow man in distress. Some are skilful at that and use it, yet they should be harder on themselves in order to control their nature and not use it to get their own way.

A person who is powerless undergoes a lot, a person who is in over-power does not live through anything.

The nature in you is a stranger, it was not given to you as a gift and you cannot separate it from yourself. Yet life is given to you, to recognize the stranger in you through it. The nature could do nothing else but give you eyes, heart, intellect. However, everyone has to see for themselves, to find the way from here – to find the way to man.

Nobody has existed yet, only natures that have lived.

Every nature seeks the man in a man.

The most sought after being for man is a man – yet the man is far away.

Everyone who has ever lived, lived the ghosts of their nature with which they fought to find themselves. Jesus gave his life to find the human in himself. Condemned to death, he was pushed into a direct fight with his nature. In a direct confrontation he sweated a bloody sweat and accepted death in the end, despite that there was no human on the other side.

When one dies the moments of his life play out in front of his eyes. Everything that has happened when he was not strong enough to control his nature, he will have to settle with the power that he gained through life. With the power of the point at which you die you will fight your nature after death.

Life says: ‘I outweigh you with the power of actions.’

Those who live longer have more power to control their nature through actions, but also more temptations to get involved with it. A young person can therefore be as calm as an old man, and old men as scared as children.

With borrowed eyes you stare into the depths of a fountain, not seeing the surface but the reflection. In a man who is not in control of his nature you get scared of your own uncontrollable one. Some confront you with your own nature more, some less, yet you should gulp the fight with yourself and not get into a fight in reflections with someone. Once you realize that, you will no longer connect your uncontrollable nature with anyone.

Do not judge the nature, each is fighting for its life and not one is the same as the other to be able to understand it. Each carries its own abyss and each has to fight its fight. The nature has to rid itself of all comprehension if man is to come out of it.

It is essential that man walks from the depth of the fountain of his nature and is a passenger toward man. Once you step out of the shallows of your nature, you are not afraid any longer even if there is no one on the other side. On the other hand, those who stay in the depths of their nature always pull others behind them and are then enraged when that can no longer be done with any layer or over-power of nature anymore.

You are the carrier of nature and the path to find the man is given to you. Each matures in his own way and destiny does not matter; you were free to look for or abandon the path of searching for man. Not according to destiny but to free will, could man abandon the path of man searching and sell his soul.

Respect the time of life – the time of man searching and do not waste it on dead paths. As long as a person lives, days are given to him to take at least a step from his nature and gradually control it. When a person dies the seeking is over – he is left alone in a direct fight with his nature.

The Lord is leaving all the places of this world, for there is no more place that would serve for man searching. In the name of the Lord they are all dead as there is no more trust in man left.

The place for man arises hidden in the souls of those who have faced their own powerlessness and trusting in the Lord sought the man until the final day.