You are in contact with life in everything

As much as you speculate with others, so can they with you


Each man has his natural tempo – some are fast, some are slow. If you are faster than your natural tempo, you are nervous and consequently stiff. In order not to get tired you have to be slower than your natural tempo and you will act smoothly and in peace.

There are always two walking – your natural time and you of your own volition. Your only teacher is your natural self, follow your natural time and you will be at peace.

Each artificial meditation is therefore nonsensical. You meditate with every act that you do with your natural tempo.

Today’s generations, especially the youth, are overtaking their natural tempo and consequently people are becoming impatient and irritable. All because of the imbalance which they cause themselves with their overtaking.

You can speculate with everything – with a word, an action, with yourself. Every speculation makes you and everyone round you poorer and leads to agony. The speculation falls only on behalf of the pure spirit (confrontation).

Do not put yourself above others… Do not have any image about yourself and you will not speculate. If you are somebody, you speculate on behalf of it. The difference on behalf of which you speculate is the biggest misery.

If the spirit is speculative it blows above you and is passed down from generation to generation. Do not, therefore, speculate with anything for you own good and of your loved ones, onto whom your spirit is passed down. Do not ask yourself where and in what way you speculate. Simply – do not speculate with anyone or anything.

As much as you speculate with others, so can they with you.

You should be motivated by bringing something good into every situation. On behalf of the good, peace settles into you and your close ones – on behalf of the speculation only agony upon agony.

Life sees with different eyes, so do not play ignorant in front of it – as if the left hand does not know what the right one is doing, when it very well does.

You breed distrust with speculation and in distrust life disperses. On behalf of trifles you may seem like a selfish man to your close ones, and they are your life.

You are in contact with life in everything, the moment when you are walking, in every situation, with your close one. And life is the one that punishes or rewards you. For everything good that you bring, you are rewarded with a firm step – with every speculation your certainty is taken away and you are turned into a shadow that is fading and fading, and is in the end taken away by time.

Invisible nets that those who speculate weave are invisible boundaries that break the basis of life. Those are the most difficult to overcome. He who speculates is always weaving nets for others, whereas he who is pure is heart un-weaves them; and time catches everyone in its net, only the loyal ones are unbound from the elementary cross after the Lord.

Once the basic cross of God is uncrossed, a second cross is uncrossing within and the dirt is thus separated from the clean.

Every consistency awakes you from under hypnosis (a man sooner than he is) with which you are born into a wakened state. However, as soon as you grab the fact that you are something, you fall into an auto-hypnosis of that relation and you open up the black hole of evil. Each speculation keeps you in hypnosis and each good intention awakes you into the world of reality.

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