Wrong direction

Always when man is closing doors in front of somebody else, he is closing them to his own problem – to himself


Man is the only being that can limit himself and man is always limiting himself more than anyone. It is the same with judgement – man only judges himself and always to himself.

All occurring forms are limited with one another. The more limited they are, the bigger the force of attraction between them, for each of them is taking the place of one another. These are the forces of magnetism, due to which incidence can exist and they work the same on plants, animals and man, just the same as in inanimate nature, as there is no other way.

What distinguishes man from other beings is only that, due to his free will, he can take places because of his physical and mental power – but man is limited the most when he takes all the places around him; for in his free will he has reached the limit of his own limitation which is final, and in him also infinite.

Man is given all the freedom, and yet is he the most hunted being of this world.

For the face of freedom is the proper face of slavery.

Only he who leaves the role is free from his own boundaries. As much role as he leaves, that many places of life does he set free and the reality which he allowed opens up a world without limits in him.

Man can limit man and trample him, but nobody can trample reality.

Only humility teaches us gratefulness that leads us on the paths of searching, guarding us from conquest of places against our will, for you are not entitled to not even one. You are a man – a being that is aware that he can give away the place to everything; the more you give away, the more love is born in you.

Nothing and nobody yet has it place, for nobody and nothing has given a place to anything, so as to outweigh its own. Everything is only occurring forms that are catching the balance of contradictions in one another, but everything is spinning in the wrong direction… and it would spin over and over again, and from one contradiction into another – only limiting one another.

Only Jesus had enough heart to turn the direction inside him and agree to his full non-occurrence, thus opening the place of coverage of everything. On God’s right – on the place of complete and infinite non-occurrence did His palms halt, widely opened up in your, my non-occurrence…

There has always been and always will be an infinite number of directions, for everyone has got their own heart and in it the place for the coverage of Life,

But after Him each direction is clear,
Yet for anyone that is outside of hunting fields of occurrences that are running out, the same.