We are born in space for time


Man is born exactly in the middle between time and space. He balances his presence and can indefinitely stop it only in the point of completion of the space-time relationship. In it he activates the sleeping present – the middle point, in which time either devours space forever or, on the other hand, space opens with time eternally.

Space is the left that does not have its right, which is why it is constantly falling into time or into the right. Time is the right, that does not have its left, which is why it is constantly falling into space or into the left. Because they are not balanced by the law of their counterpoint, they are running into infinity and it is not known where they will end. In the same way, as space cannot identify itself and complete its circle, time also cannot be defined nor can its beginning or its end be determined.

The entire creation is born in space, on the left. Because we are its children, we too are born by the left, but we are also born by time, by the right. We carry both rules crossed in ourselves, because we are falling as space into time and simultaneously we are passing as time in space. Therefore, we are beings of time who are passing in space and at the same time we are beings of space who are falling into time.

We humans are the last children of creation, the peak of its development, in which the creation has found what it was looking for: a being with consciousness, with which the creation can complete the circle and tie the end with the beginning. It is thus why, with the creation of man, evolution has stopped.

The creation can only be completed by man, the final fruit of the evolution. And he can complete the circle only with his spiritual worlds. In entire nature, only spiritual worlds can complete their circle, nothing else can. Time has never completed its circle in space and it never will, because it lacks the left of space. The same way space cannot complete its circle, because it lacks the right of time. We humans are the only born beings, who can complete the circles of both within ourselves.

Man was given reason by life so that he could understand all its laws and solve the problem of his own life. No other being can condition the balance of time and space. Only man can live his own day inside a day, his own world inside the world. He can live his day inside his worlds, which are not related with the outside world. This is why, he can recognize and understand the secrets of this world.

We create our psychological worlds in relationships with others. By the rules of completion, we create time- and spatial balances. When two humans turn to one another from the left or from the rules of space, and give each other hands, these hands become right hands, the hands of time. From here on, they can allow each other spatial balance in time.

In the final sense, man can become an answer to both unknowns. He was ultimately born precisely for this cause, to accept the unknowns of time and space.