Vertical of natural forms


The vertical of natural manifestations has passed over,
From the vertical of natural forms a new world is being born from the zero.

God’s mathematics carries in its basis the function of everything and nothing. It manifests according to the rule of three divisions on two verticals:

Those are, on the vertical of natural forms, fluctuations (plus-minus), the atomic world (centre-orbit) and living nature all the way to man (birthing-dying).

Whereas on the vertical of the mental world, there is awareness (me-you), free will (loyalty-self-willingness) and the power of finality (deletion-tracing).

The vertical of natural forms is an actual vertical in a three-dimensional space. In its original process, the horizontals chopped it lengthwise, so that the dimensional shapes could manifest in time – with the last horizontal the man appeared, the carrier of the inner vertical – the vertical of mental worlds.

The vertical of mental manifestations can be found in the plane, like on a piece of paper. The plane is thrice folded and it has to open up three times, turn over and annul, so that the vertical of mental manifestations dies out and the process is passed over onto the actual vertical. Once the vertical of mental manifestations loses the function of the vertical, the plane disappears.

The process of dissolution from the world of divisions continues in man’s mental world – the plane. Then in the world of natural forms, on the actual vertical. At this time the first projecting vertical is already annulled with the acceptance of the static state or the zero in mentality – we have passed over onto the vertical of natural forms.

Once the vertical of mental manifestations was cancelled, the system turned for 90° and the actual vertical was set. The horizontal system of the plane was cancelled, and the final transformation according to the actual vertical means the turning of the system for 180° – the basic rule everything-nothing is activated, for all of its indirect manifestations fall out. Everyone who has in his mental world inaugurated himself for somebody, is the prisoner of the natural form which falls under nothing. And he who was in the mental world nothing, is becoming free of natural forms and is falling under everything.

The physical manifestation will unbind all the way to nothing,
All the man’s genetic print will be abandoned so that it can be at the disposal for eternity.

The dilution of the natural rule is beginning: everything up to the actual zero is being diluted, while simultaneously being born on the other side. As much as you unbind yourself, that much will you be born, for at the source the rule functions one after another; Jesus is a zero to you, so that after him you can be a new, eternal manifestation form from the origin, and you the same to him, that He can rise after you.

Man is waiting for the big sign of the end of the world.
However, naturally and unnoticed the last transformation has come,
Quietly within him.
Completely naturally… like ripening – like spring that passes over into the land,
And the last stage of this world thus arises – the transformation.
Completely unnoticed, without fracture, only real.
The reality has begun entering, the practice of life.

People do not know that they live and do everything in illusion, everything like in a fairy-tale – they are not aware of themselves in reality.
The reality will only present itself to them now.
Completely quietly… will death disappear and at the same time eternal death take up.

He who has been saving himself at the expense of others, will now do so on his own;
He who has been the basis to another, will receive the basis and live.
And the Lord says to him: ‘Bear my name’.