Time of no coming back


You thought that through the eyes of the judges your own eyes were looking at you, which is why you were embarrassed before them. Now you will realize that there are no eyes that could see you on their side; for they have preserved the illusion at the expense of human eyes.

Someone has preserved the man and is like a door frame, through which people now walk. Other has lost the man and lost people are coming towards him.

Man followed the call, the image wanted to be perfect in the profession. He, who has followed the call, has been establishing ratios, solving objective situations and the present time is leading him into the perfect following of the call. It leads the image into its own perfection and excludes it from any kind of ratio. In proper perfection there is no responsibility to ratios – there is no need for ratios, which is why the worlds separate.

There is no horizontal or vertical – they are a reflection of reflection to one another, and the only reality of man reflection under the 45° angle, where the starting point is balanced. You were grey in reflections that has decided for white or black. Now that reflections have disappeared, there is no more grey as the ratio is cleansed towards white or black.

Through the loyal one runs a space and he is like on an assembly line of time, where every moment is as real as this one now and revives everything. Jesus is from two thousand years ago, and yet he is alive, if you call Him into your time. And He will rise just as alive, once the space runs to perfection. While through the self-willed the time runs, pure time, in which nothing and nobody exists, as it is carrying away everything – pure time causes the disappearance of everything.

This is the time of no coming back, when the trails between people are erased and new ratios are established regardless of human will. Once the free will is gone, is the man who stares toward the illusion most assured of his freedom – other recovers breath because the time of freedom has passed.

But on the field of perfect illusion a fight begins, the only ratio of the lost – on the field of reality the first stare of man from eye to eye.

The fight of the illusion to which modern man has administered an oath, no longer conditions the place of man’s survival. Yet do not fear the final days, for inasmuch you would not survive in this world, just as much balance the other side will bestow on you. This is the secret of the time of no coming back.