Time of final grace


Do not search for your face anymore,
nor for hands for your hands.

Only accept every face as if it were yours
and be a hand for every hand.

For there is nothing in your hands anymore,
except what you accept into your hands.

You are faceless in everything, where you are still searching for yourself on your side,
but everything that you give, draws out your face on the other side.

Therefore, do not search for anything for yourself anymore in this time of final grace,
in which you are still carrying the face of man in your hands
and know that you are only the missing face of the Lord.
If your hands are the hands of Man,
then the Lord’s face is being born within them.
But if these hands are the hands of a lord of your side,
you will gaze only into your faceless eyes,
when the day comes and the face of your side will be forever taken away from your given hands.

“Behold, I come like a thief.” “No one knows the day or hour.”,

only the fact that this day will come, speaks in you persistently
and with it your soul is pleading for your grace.