Time measures out events


The will to act comes from the spirit and the will to finish from the soul. The spirit can move things as well, but not as dangerously as the soul, for the spirit is time that puffs wherever it wants and settles nothing, only the soul can and has to settle the spirit, even in retrospect – if it cannot, everything stands still.

Everything is real and yet everything is dreamy as long as you live your parallel world. Only once you get out of the game of yours, do you step onto the path of the real.

Everything runs in parallel – dreamy worlds, and only that which is separated from its own opens up a real space, the space for life.

The more you are pushing yourself after something for yourself, the more you are losing what you have already got.

Every event that we consciously choose brings about the dependency of someone, and every event that we unconsciously accept, unbinds us. The last event, accepted death, unbinds, and unaccepted death finally binds the spirit, the soul and the body, for one cannot die in a parallel world.

As long as there are two of us we are parallel and each can play whatever he wants, yet once we have to go our separate ways, no one will be able to play parallel with arms folded.

‘Do not let the left hand know what the right one is doing’, so that you do not step onto the final path crossed in your palms. Every time you consciously gave, you took more for yourself than you actually offered, and put the hands of another into the cross on the way of yours.

Magnetic waves trigger intentions, thoughts, everything… not you. Man is caught in them and does not know what reverberates him, nor what reverberates. And if you do not know where your thought has come from, how could you thus decree events?

We are not at the market place of life events so that we could choose. We thus draw only parallels of life which do not even touch the real.

Man is like a sound that reverberates. In life you can choose whether your path will be a parallel or you will withdraw from yours at least a little, and in that withdrawal open up the blossoms of life. All parallel worlds are movie-like and once the movie draws to a close they show their emptiness, all the worlds that you have opened up with your love, like buds that blossom once everything that is yours leaves and goes to where it has always reverberated from and invited you onto the path of the real.

The point is not in the dancer who dances but in the space that he opens up with his moves. The point is not in the sound that resounds, the point is the space that the tones open up.

Dance, man, sing and play as much as the heart of your dreams tells you to. Yet nonetheless subtract yourself so that life will have space and the Lord will be able to add and reverberate in you. For you do not know whence your thought has come, and you never will, but the Lord, who takes care of all the events, does. You just accept what is given to you and you will open up the paths of life.

Everything in this world is before it is, only that some chase the events of their own world at the expense of this one, while others are in the cross of the entrapped. If you live the balance of this before it is, you are hunted by time. When you are ready to stop, time will no longer dictate the act, but rather the act dictate time and uncross your palms.

Man fights and hurries to stop time with some act, convinced that this act precisely will bring him peace. But time is not in his palms and that is therefore impossible. By hurrying you can only catch a train that is before it is, and does not bring peace.

Nothing can escape man,

For he opens up the space for life,

Only he can escape into his parallel world.


Man must offer only that, which is not his                                                                                  

The Lord’s presence in himself,

But people consciously steal the purest

For their perpetuum mobile


If only they realized,

That they are only stealing from themselves,

For every perpetuum runs out,

Only the offered is unrepeatable and eternal.