Time is a dream


Time is a dream that the nature without man cannot dream until the end, which is why it sinks into it.

A beam of light is the first formation of feedback of the same dream in the infinity of the emptiness of the dream. And man on the last limit of moulded dream with his own dream.

When you look into the space, you see the stars of the moulded sky or information of your own dream. And if you call them reality, you randomly dream your dream within the infinity of the dream. But your dream is like a wild horse that drags you over the prairies of dream.

However, once you exceed the dream, you reign it (If you really believed, you would order the mountain to move and it would move). Did not Jesus say: “Lazarus, get up!” and Lazarus rose after him, who did not dream himself anymore, and who in the whirlwinds of our dream, with the acceptance of his cross, shows us the way from the dream.