Time and space are changing


There are two basic dimensions in the universe, space and time. Man oscillates between them and fights them. He is caught in a funnel of space and is looking for the basis of time. If he managed to grab it, new worlds of space would eternally open up from it like flowers. The space would open up according to man’s will.

Space is a consequence of time, and according to time, everything is born. Man is the only being who can analyse, scrutinize all of ‘this’ with his intellect. This intellectual analysis can be illustrated with a circle made of paper from which we cut out one fourth. If the remaining three quarters are put together, we get a funnel or a cone. This funnel represents the beginning of the analysis. When we are analysing a certain fact, this three-quartered circle or funnel is opening up. When the analysis is complete, it opens into a four-quartered circle, for the missing fourth automatically steps into it then (This fourth is the perfect analysis) and fulfils it. It steps in according to the rule of time. And only this analysis of facts of life is man’s task and that is why he is given intellect.

What is space? The wholeness or space is possible from three points. Everything that has only two points is not a space but undulation, like for example sound or light. Light functions on two points, the same as the whole micro cosmos. Only the macro cosmos contains three points, with the fourth one in it being time. Two points, however, are without time. The time and space would thus simply disappear if we travelled with the speed of light. Because light does not have the third point it strives for it, for the space that is around it. That is why the beam of light flies through space at a constant speed – it flies into the space.

In the world of creation man lives his own world as well – his own space or time. Everyone lives their own, not one but many worlds. Even music is a world in his world. Consequently a dog does not react to it but only to the basics of the sound, for it lives only its physical world, whereas man’s sound is built to the harmony or to the world of harmony or unison, so to the world in his world. In this world he re-lives his other worlds that are likewise not bound to the actual world.

These worlds of man are dreamy and therefore practically non-existent. And yet people live 99% of the worlds that are not. Due to the numerousness of these worlds our destiny completely depends on them.

Example. Economic policy – that is a world that is unknown to the forest, to the clouds in the sky, or to the river that flows – and yet it is fatal for us, for it is 100% bound to our dreamy rules. If a financial brake down occurs, poverty arises, and yet nothing is changed in nature. Famine can thus occur despite nature’s prosperity.

When we, let us say, are in a car crash, we consider that an accident, yet for Life – like any other event – that is a completely accurate mathematical rule.

Over and over again man tries to control time with deception. Throughout the history he did it in the name of mythology, today in the name of science when he, for example, tries to clone a human and thinks he will beat time. But time cannot be beaten in this sense, for nobody stands still as Somebody in time, he can only analyse himself – disintegrate to the point when he really is nobody. Only then does life place him from the time again. We thus understand time as death, when in fact it is life.

The time has now come when for the first time in the history of creation the time is exposed. It is exposed according to the rules of development or comprehension and is born or exposed from nothing. In praxis this change will seem similar to a country changing its system which consequently causes all the functions to function differently. As time is stronger than space, which is subjugated, the whole available space will fall under the rule of exposed time. There, where space will not bend to the rule of time, consequences will arise.

Because this process is already running, it is reflected in nature in the form of rough weather, increasing number of earthquakes, blooming and budding of plants during times that are unusual for them and similar. In people all that manifests in terms of stress, anguish, lack of time, anxiety and such. Those who live their space primarily are thus slowly running out of time for everything and everyone.

This process, however, has the opposite effect on those who primarily live time. Such a person has more and more time, only not for himself but for others, due to the rule which says that you as a person who opens up new space, fall under other laws than those who hold on to their space and grab everything for themselves.

Consequently the space of a person who takes the time upon himself will be completely settled. Everything will automatically fall into place. For those, however, who will want to preserve their space, everything will shatter because they will no longer have their basis. It will shatter by itself, constantly and faster and faster, so that finally it will not be possible to put anything back together. This paradox is announcing itself already now, in the sense that some people are surprised at how whatever they do collapses, while others are astonished at the exact opposite. They do not do anything, yet everything – as from nothing, automatically falls into its place.

Time and space are changing, yet at the first glance it is not noticeable, for it cannot be said that objects, for example, are becoming different than they were years ago. Only people’s destinies are changing – the destiny of every individual is changing as the result of his personal definition of time and space.

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