Three churches


Man is born in a blind spot between I am and I am not – between everything and nothing, and he can therefore choose his thoughts and paths, which unknowingly lead into the land of somebody or nobody. Each feedback puts man into the position of nobody and he can balance himself only by accepting this fact.

The nature of relationships has changed thorough times. In the beginning all the ratios were under the arch of the first church – before Christ, then under the wings of the second one – after Christ; during that time the last, third churches – in Christ were falling under the firmament.

In the first church of mutual relations (ball), man was able to arbitrarily balance himself. All information that related to him he could balance from the starting point, like someone with self-evident competence: ‘I know I am’, or take the feedback upon himself, analyse and divide himself.

In times of the second church of mutual relations (circumference) man could be a fragrant blossom and his fellow man beside him a withering flower, or he allowed the other as a blooming flower and took the contrast upon himself.

The time of the third church (point) or the vertical occurs when two nobodies, one after the other, join the first somebody beam. The blind spot in which it was not known whether the wolf was wearing sheep’s clothing  or a sheep was hiding underneath the wolf’s skin, disappears and with it also free will. One is left with a lamb – nobody, the other with a wolf – somebody.

The market of mutual relations trading is over, to trade any kind of name in this era is becoming an ever greater misery. Indirect relations through which man had learned during the time of the first and second church are gone; only a direct relation is left in the third – the relation with oneself. Everything direct that has been acquired is not acquired and what is indirectly lost is not lost; it only either brings or takes away the personal or direct relation.

The natural forces in you will fight their fight for existence – I am, like a cat thrown into the water, fighting for its life, and in order to accept I am not or your actual state, you will have to be stronger than your nature. But nature is only slowly tamed, and the path to nobody land will therefore be difficult and lengthy.

Jesus put all his words into your personal relation; the path is there, the truth and life. And plain truth is the light on the path that helps you accept that you are the one that is not.

Communication between somebody and nobody is fading. Somebody does not have the time to be nobody and nobody does not have the will to be somebody. Somebody does not have the power to step into nobody space, as he cannot exist as nobody; he only looks into the chamber and wonders: ‘Everyone is merely nobody, darkness in darkness, corps among corpses, and yet the Lord’s light shines upon them, they lack nothing and everything is opening up.’… in the nobody chamber the Holy Spirit starts blowing.

In the Lord’s mirror of eternity nobody is becoming everything and somebody who is everything within – nobody.