Thousands of the One and Only


All the colours of the nature are a deception with regard to the darkness they carry within,
Lie is in direct proportion to the truth.

Every man is a lie with regard to the truth that he carries within
And your lie is in direct proportion to the truth that you carry within.

Only a complete comprehension unveils the complete truth,
But at the same time also the complete lie of proper definition.
The more truth there is, the more are the lies tempting.
Complete truth allows complete denial of the truth.

The more silence a voice carries within, the more complete it is,
The more stillness a movement carries within, the more complete it is,
The more distances a man carries within, the more closeness he conditions.

Every motion is a limiting of the infinity,
Only your complete halt opens the doors of eternity.
Man does not have a problem with the answer, but with stillness
Or compassion for everything around him.
We each carry stillness within and can each be petted by the eternity,
But only with our proper stillness.

Every proper step is a voice of thousands without a name;
Only one in you, calling you by your name;
The Silence.

Infinite number of colours come from it, which is silent in all the colours,
Until the double in it agrees to its own silence
And from the darkness thousands of the one and only, the infinite, shine,
After Him who took the lie of everything or the sins of the world upon himself and said:
‘This is my covenant’

But the covenant of everyone is the proper silence on the path from the lie to the truth or compassion for everything.