‘This’ and ‘that’ world

Once born, you are a man. Therefore use the intellect that you were given as such


People keep on ‘uploading’, which makes us ‘uploaded’ beings. Man is always doubled or uploaded, and consequently at least a double picture.

The first picture or the ‘first world’ is the one that we are born in – the world that we see around us. This is the primary world of the unchangeable or enacted past, or the world of reality. The rules of this world are therefore the enacted rules of our reality or the rules of the Spirit. This world or the picture is our basis and there is one for all of us.

The second picture or ‘the second world’ is the individual world of our free will and soul. That world is therefore not visible to the physical eyes. Thus, there do not exist two different worlds, only one world, like a world in a world, crossed at 90° angle. The world of reality or the enacted world of the past that we are born in – and within it, like a world in a world, the individual world of each of us and the world of man’s free will or soul.

We walk the outer or the primary world and put into force our interests, whereas we feel our or the secondary world within ourselves.

That is the way it is. When we walk through the forest, our interior speaks to us, but not from us, but with the words of the spirit of the forest. Consequently two can look at something, but not see the same thing. The primary sees only his interest in everything and does not feel. But a secondary man feels everything as himself – his life.

This world or the world of our individuality is not enacted yet – this world with its attitude toward the primary world or the reality on front is enacted by each man himself (Everyone judges himself).

We walk the outer and put our interests into force, while feeling the world of our soul inside. As long as our individual image or picture is different from the picture that we see in front of us, we are in a discrepancy in ratio to reality or in a subjective relation to an objective rule of life in front of us. We are therefore hunted by this discrepancy which we feel as dissatisfaction, paranoia, unrest…

When we agree to the outer picture or the reality in front of us we feel the peace that is given to us by the rule of the spirit of reality that has impregnated our soul (My Father in me and I in my Father). The reality in itself is therefore never burdening for a man, only our expectations are.

Sleep is natural meditation exactly on the grounds of balancing of doubleness or double picture. Man cannot distinguish between his picture (illusion) and reality. We consequently do not know what the picture is and what we are – cannot separate the illusion from ourselves. These relations and differences cause us troubles throughout our lives.

When we sleep we adjust ourselves to the starting point or the primary state. We dream because our double or uploaded states tries to coordinate. When it does not agree with the actual picture in front of it and stubbornly insists at its own subjective picture, the double state of man is 180° turned which can make a man go mad.

The most we can carry is a 90° crossed state. The symbol of the 90° crossed state is the cross of Jesus Christ.

What does a 90° turned double state mean? In Jesus’ case it means the complete acceptance of the biggest paradox possible or unnatural state – the acceptance of one’s own crossing.

The crossing of a life human being does not fall under natural processes. Therefore the Son of Man had to accept the cross, so that three days after Him the general picture of creation adjusted itself.

That is the way it is.

His individual picture was the living. But then somebody betrays him and condemns him to crossing. The factual picture turns to the dead. These two pictures are crossed at a 90° angle, just like life is.

How can a man exist in such a situation, since he does not know which of the two pictures is ‘real’ or ‘correct’ – is it the living and should he defend the notion of the living or accept the absurd of the crossed?

The righteous toward reality before him accepts the position of the crossed. Those who defend only their righteousness and thus become unjust to others, take on the role of the living as the primary. These two pictures are constantly uploaded in man.

The moment man faces someone, he is in a double or divided position. That is the way it is. Man is the living to himself and has some arbitrary picture. When he enters into a relationship with someone, a different picture starts to ‘upload’. His peace depends only on compatibility or incompatibility of both pictures.

Compatibility of both pictures depends on each individual, for everyone can, of his own free will, at any moment agree to the outer picture as the one and only.

Confession means balancing man’s subjective picture with the factual one or with reality.

A man who fights only for the accuracy of his picture (illusion) and does not allow any other role or fellow man’s picture (reality), turns the picture into a free fall, for with such a way he turns astray into a fanatical defence of his position. He thus finds himself in an unreasonable position or the uttermost conflict with himself. That is a cardinal sin or a sin against the Holy Spirit.

The moment a man gives himself up, he is in nothing – in the spirit or in the present. He is therefore a righteous judge. Man does not need to fear the loss of his own presence, for he will remain as information. Information is the half of some reality. That is how his life is balanced and therefore he who claims the wholeness is left without the real or actual information, which is damnation. 360° are at his disposal, yet this fact swallows him into God. God as the basis is a total non-information or nothing. Undulation is the secret of the negative – positive half. Consequently, there is space from here to anywhere – and the same feedback is time. Man is thus born with half a positive and half a negative.