There is only one faith

THERE IS ONE TRUE FAITH – Belief in life

Believes are virtues that sprung spontaneously from many forms of life and time.

It needs to be understood that man is a creature that embodies millions of years. We are ancient creatures and carry characteristics of all colours of spaces and times that are merged within each individual.

If Creation is infinite then each man is born out of the infinite womb of Creation and thus reflects infinite uniqueness. The originality and consequently the merit of every person is therefore infinite and, just the same, all human beliefs are worthy of all respect.

Every man is a believer in his own way, for a man without faith is a dead man. Some believe in stability of their work, others in the power of a political option, etc.

Yet the deepest guidance that man has is the belief in the great unknown, called Life. Based on trust in complete accuracy and automatism of life, he can accept his problems as an unknown and take it onto himself as the only one. Therein lays the secret of man’s greatest power.

For there exists only one true faith – the belief in Life – the trust in reality in front of you, as it is the Creator itself. What is different are only the rituals or approaches to worshiping life, and that we call religions. All religions teach us God’s commandments, that are the dogmas of life – they teach broad mindedness, bravery, friendships and love, which are the essence of life among us. 


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