The world of the spirit

…does not know time, yet it is always and everywhere accurate like a clock


The world of the spirit is a world without ownerships, for the spirit does not need anything; but man in the world of his ownership, like time that is hunted by the clock of his own existence, pushing the world in the world on the burdens of some world.

A world in a world is always a diameter of some radius – only the radius of the radius opens up the radiuses of the diameter of a world.

Some world is a world without time – it is your death and your Lord, that everything is afraid of because he is smaller than anything, and thus sleeps in the subconscious of every world as the diameter of your radius, only in man awoken like news of a world that does not exist, but it nevertheless does and after it there is everything that there is.

This death of yours is a world of timelessness – it is a world without any ownership
And in the acceptance of that the deepest peace in it, which is without anything,
In non-acceptance an eternal agony of the existence of some non-existence.

All ownerships are merely only dumps of hunting of one another for the breadcrumbs of time, because every existence is only a remainder of time on the site of fire of an extinct star of existence from the darkness of non-existence. Every existence in it is only dust, that is in time or ownership of the soul always slipping through fingers.

There is only as much existence as there is non-existence. Every man should be aware of that with each step that he takes, for every step is a step of existence deeper into non-existence.

Not the one who treads, but the one who follows his trail, are you.
The more steps, the less freedom.
For the more you claim, the more there is of that which to border on
And in you, everything that you border on, foreign.

Only where there are no proper steps, are there no limits,
And only after Him, who has stopped his step, is the path of the spirit
And the peace of some world in you.