The world of roles and the world of living life

He who is capable of drinking from the chalice of his own death is capable to calmly stare at the greatest enemy

The world of roles and the world of living life

Each man lives as if he were acting a role in a movie; there is nothing live in it. All the roles, the good and the bad ones are merely roles, the difference being that some have chosen their role for themselves while others simply accept the one that was given to them; yet a role is just a role. Adam and Eve put clothes on when they stepped from the living life into the world of roles, for clothes are important in this world while the living life does not need them.

Animals are also given natural roles that make them feel safe. An elephant feels safe in its role of power and without jeopardy, yet a small mouse scares it as it is afraid of smallness and small roles. Animals, however, unlike man, do not have the power of applying nor leaving their roles as they are one with them.

Due to the roles that man is living he is in a constant spasm. He is resigned in the spasm of accepting the given roles, self-willed in a spasm of a rope that is too short, for he wants to place his role infinitely, yet that is not possible.

Death is present only in the world of roles and is not a live fact. It is only as big as the roles. When Jesus annulled his role he consequently annulled death and that is why he said: ‘It is completed.’ The roles crucified him, yet his was not among them. As the first one to define a place without a role, he went to the God’s Right to wait for the creation of this place – a place without a role. He is the keystone for a place without a role which he will arise from and pour all his essence into once the others confirm it.

Man has to give in twice. The first time to others, by accepting the role others have given him. The second time he has to give in to himself, by understanding that he is also only a role and that he deviates from that role and is stepping into a place without one – stepping into a place where living life begins.

To the faithful who has accepted the given roles, his role gave a debt that he had to cover with consistency and precision, otherwise tension in the form of a rebellion would ensue. He who consistently and as he goes along analyses life directly, saves himself from being caught in his own role. But he who is looking for the path to the easiest acceptable role is hoping for luck, walks around the world blind, unexposed and can easily be fooled by any wheeler-dealer.

Once the place without a role is confirmed, infinity is activated. Jesus stepped into this place blindly, without any assurances. Nowadays, when the place without a role is covered, we step into it in peace, for Jesus guarantees us a pair for living life. The moment when the place without a role was confirmed, people sub consciously started leaving their roles and stepping into it.

These are subconscious mechanisms which, according to our definition, work independently of our will. The living life automatically starts awaking between two as they begin to exchange places. As long as they had only accepted the given roles of one another they could only be at peace but not alive.

As metaphysical beings we are present in every moment but are alive only when confirmed by a fellow man.

He who defined his role himself lived at the cost of him who accepted the given role. Now the infinity of the role he has lived is activated but he cannot sustain it through others but he himself with his own life. The distress that arises with that is unimaginable.

We are entering the time of the greatest distress as the chosen positions received the sign of infinity and began pulling their subjects into their places. A lot of people of the modern era have arrogantly assigned themselves a role and lived it completely without conscience, no matter the victims. Anyone could convince himself that he is somebody and then started living that, the main promoter being the media.

Nowadays anyone can stand in front of a mirror and say: ‘I am somebody, nobody can touch me’, and that Somebody actually lives as the coefficient of infinity has stepped into the play. This is now possible in the spirit of time, just as the faithful are allowed to leave their roles and walk into their peace.

In the relationships of the present there was a neutron, a shift equivalent into the past and the future. In the final state, when the neutron is gone, proper acts begin to bind only onto the individual since the present with the sign for infinity or common presence sets in. Each has arrived to his final point which is always he himself, and this he now has to outweigh: to live his role or experience it limitlessly.

Life can always be found within you, inside you carry the place of the living life. You just have to step into it which happens once you only have become aware of all the states.

The moment we become aware of something that something stops governing us. The role that you know is only a role and has nothing to do with life you can easily leave behind. It is all about becoming aware. He who will actually turn to Jesus in the final time when the distress in him becomes unbearable, will be live Jesus with him. As long as you are calling him only dreamily through you dreams, he will remain silent, for he is not in this world.


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